it’s a brand new day, and i thank god for the weather. it’s a brand new day, and i’m living it for my lord.

freaking fa overload yesterday, i was surprised i could finish all my homework. been trying to memorise my cuba speech too. i hope tmr goes well.

just saw glory’s blog and photos (: i am so jealous. she looks like shes having so much fun. her tests are like fun things. her homework is so cool. and the place she lives in- looks like it came out from a tv show. haha. i’m going to have to steal from her blog. haha. i like the savannah airport the most, which kind of looks like a hotel to me.

watched abit of teevee yesterday too. i live on watching dramas :D i’m so totally not a reality person hahaha.

i’m still kind of worried that desaru would be a flop :S


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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