my favourite song (:

In a perfect world

One we’ve never known

We would never need to face the world alone


They can have the world

We’ll create our own

I may not be brave or strong or smart

But somewhere in my secret heart


I know

Love will find a way

Anywhere I go

I’m home

If you are there beside me


Like dark turning into day

Somehow we’ll come through

Now that I’ve found you

Love will find a way


I was so afraid

Now I realize

Love is never wrong

And so it never dies


There’s a perfect world

Shining in your eyes

And if only they could feel it too

The happiness I feel with you


They’d know

Love will find a way

Anywhere we go

We’re home


today’s the day! :S comm presentation. haha. okay seriously it’s not such a big deal. just another presentation in which we’re going to be graded. and filmed. :S oh please do not remind me.

YES! after today its recess week. i mean, there are lessons on saturday but so? (:

and gosh, sophee is such a bit–. i’m never going to volunteer with her again.



About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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