bang the keys.

so my dad is going to stanford for 12 days next year in march (: UNFAIR! GOSH. i wanna go tooooo.

just read the news on a freaky 7 year old australian boy who broke into the zoo in the middle of the night, killed lots of small animals an fed them to the crocodiles. sadistic place, this world we live in. i can never comprehend why such people exist in this world.

finally, recess week is truly here. this is the gazillionth time i’m saying this (: i know. but i was never this happy over a one week holiday.

watched the blair witch project this morning before school. it wasn’t as scary as hell. hahaha. i really am not very affected by it at all. then had asct lesson. what a wasteful saturday afternoon spent in school. i was so reluctant to go. besides, brian mooney is mad. he teaches the strangest things about philosophy, and they are so difficult to understand, because alot of what he says is not really english.

bought some stuff today. oh no, stop shopping. shopping is a vice. i managed to get really nice cheap jackets/pullovers though. they cost only $8 and they dont even look like it (: so i got one for my pacey. ahha. i know she loves it. cg was ok. i was still on time, despite being 1 hour late. ok, that was a little contradictory. but discussion felt a little weird though. its like i cant really accept the whole concept of tithe vs offerings the way it was put across. and i still choose to think my way. lol.

 i feel like playing the piano now (: iswak.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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