butterfly away.

hellos (: i’ve been a happy girl lately. activity packed, tired but happy. it’s already wednesday oh gosh! recess week is passing so fast. and before i know it, i’m back into school again.

met clique on monday to do p’s birthday stuff (actually i don’t need to write in codes, she doesnt even know my blog lol). it was hilarious. good morning everyone, today we are gonna present to you the life of a cat. hurhur. had ct meeting at home at night. did loads of filming. the stupid cam kept dying on our group every 15 seconds of filming (must have been because of p’s video in the day :S). so we had to keep charging it for like 1 minute, then take out to film for 15 seconds, then die, then charge again, film, die, charge, film, die :S retardedness.

yesterday was tiring. lots of walking cum cycling cum no sleep. watched iswak in the early morning, then followed zing to commonwealth to get his nec repaired. it was raining super heavily after that and we were stuck until a cab came and saved us. went to peninsular plaza to scout for guitars. wanted to look for a shop that sold taylors but we found out later that only one place (parklane) sold it. so we went down to bugis. walked alot and all around the place (by faith, cos we didnt know the way) and finally found our way to parklane, and realised it was like actually super near smu :| what a waste of energy.

taylor guitars are expensive and pretty and nice sounding. but yeah, just wanted to look around at the models for my brother. then we walked all the way to bras basah complex and to sweelee (which was like another guitar/music store) because zing wanted to buy drumsticks for his friend. i’ve never been to so many guitar shops in one day, seriously. and after all that walking we were tireddddd and so we went down to smu to chill for a very short while. actually i was just waiting for dee to finish her project meeting before going to east coast to cycle.

and oh i must so blog this. its about sbs and their lousy service. we saw our bus from far, after coming out from smu and ran to catch it at the bus stop. by the time we got there, the bus had already picked up/dropped off people at the bus stop. however, it was still not moving, at the same spot because of a red traffic light in front (and other buses in front blocking it). so we knocked the door of the bus and wanted to get up. mind you it was still at the bus stop and had not moved. but the annoying/lazy/rude bus driver refused to open the door. and it was not like as if the light had turned green. he was still at the same spot for around 10 more seconds before moving off. plus he gave a face that made me want to smack him. so being superbly annoyed, we decided to call sbs and feedback on this poor service. but guess what? we were met with even worse service. for instance, a stupid customer service officer who has no idea how to treat customers properly. that woman could even ask us stupid/accusing questions like ‘are you sure there was a red traffic light? are you sure the bus wasn’t moving?’ like OMG, she either thinks we’re total idiots who cannot tell what a traffic light is, or what ‘not moving’ means, or she just blatantly tried to accuse us of lying. wth. and she was so obviously trying to defend the bus driver. seriously, even after we told her we’re disappointed with her service, she just kept quiet. customer service officers today need to reflect and review their own standards. i don’t think it’s very wise for people like her to insult us. it’s not exactly very subtle and its not like as if we don’t know her name and where she works. moreover, if people like us could bother to call and complain about a bus driver, what makes her think we won’t do anything to complain about her? she’s just creating trouble for herself and her company.

anyway, we were just having fun and being bo liao. maybe one day we’re going to write into forum and talk about the rude customer service officers in such companies. so anyway dee and i cycled for 3 hours from east coast to changi beach and back. super tiring but fun/scary :| it got quite dark after 7. after that we went to vj to bathe and then met zing and seah at the airport for overnight study.

ohohoh, zing’s hamster gave birth hahaha.

had dinner at 9 and then zing and seah came. studying wasnt too bad. but macs wasn’t a nice place. haha. managed to complete my bgs paper. amusingly, i was writing a paper on singapore airlines (: haha. seah slept for like 2 hours and zing slept a little. zing and dee studied a little too. but after that we were all seh and decided to do other stuff like walk around to crowne plaza wonderful hotel and push trolleys around.

some pictures (out of the many thousand we took):

the empty airport at 3am (:

i own the whole floor man.

we really looked like we were studying.



i seriously dont know what we were doing. and what seah was taking!


look at those two retarded faces lol.

the two guys were so annoyed because we kept wanting to go to crowne plaza hotel. anyway it’s damn nice. its like 5 or 6 stars and its a nice classy place to chill. and oh its peaceful (:

random shots of the silent lovely airport in the middle of the night.

caught the first train home then slept for 4 hours. then went shopping for dresses and shoes for my cousins’ weddings. haha. tiredness.

desaru tomorrow.


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