i’m the queen of procrastination. i’ve yet to blog about my desaru trip, which by the way, was wonderful, excellent, marvelous, awesome, peaceful, serene, beautiful- everything that singapore is not.

just today after watching some youtube video on the end of the world, i’ve realised yet again how short everyone’s life is. apparently, the video was about some prediction that is scientifically proven and has like a damn good backup, and it said something about the world going to end in 2013. and they had all those stuff and signs that are mentioned in the bible as well. and i’m half convinced by it. only half. go watch it.

knowing that you’re only going to live 5 years more or so really changes your perspective and priorities in life. like you start focusing on different things, start wanting to treat people better, wanting to live your everyday with more meaning and the usual stuff that people feel before they die. oh i’m so morbid. but it’s true. things that used to be important to you are no longer as important. if you think about it, 5 years, it’s really fast. i won’t even have a chance to get married, give birth. well. long term investments? marriage? what can one do in 5 years? travel the world?

after watching that video, all i wanted to do was to read the bible everyday and spend more time with God. i thought i would feel pretty sad if i wasn’t able to complete the bible and know it really well before i died. and i’d like to really enjoy the best relationship with God ever as well, before i died. oh well. life is depressing.

what makes it worse is, SCHOOL IS STARTING AGAIN TOMORROW. hahaha. which means i have to go study now.


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