the life.

i’m so gullible that i’m ashamed of it. my mind needs to be stronger and firmer. i really should exhibit more faith in God. after thinking, i realised i don’t believe in those ‘end of the world’ stories. i mean, it may be true, but it doesn’t really matter. i shouldn’t be so easily deceived.

anyhow, blogging is a form of therapy.

recess week is over ): been so activities packed that there’s almost no time for rest or anything else. but i’ve been happy :DD at least i’ve truly enjoyed my recess week, unlike others who have had countless meetings & are always mugging. thank God that i’m spared.

some things that make me smile are planes, ships, water, sun, sand, seas, oceans, rivers, gorges, mountains, going overseas, seeing new places, photos. travelling is my happy pill, my antidote to the reality of life (:

anyway, as i promised, i AM going to update about desaru. but it’s going to be long. so, maybe i’ll do it tmr. lol. sunday school observation was not too bad. i ended up taking over gloria’s p1 girls (: i love kids. and reading gloria’s blog always makes me jealous. how i wish i could be dhl-ed or fedex-ed to america now and live the life which is so typically american. i mean, i would like to experience it once in my life, though i know i never will :D chill out nights, parties (hmm), malls, make up, makeovers, driving, overly enthusiastic/easily excitable and wild american girls, hot american hunks O.o, bitchy american cheerleaders, endless juicy gossips and scandals, and yes, complete freedom. it would be interesting, aye. sometimes i really wonder what i would become if i was put in such an environment. hmm, dont wanna think about it. my sad life in singapore pales in comparison. HAHA.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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