i just read an old friend’s blog. its scary how people change, especially when they’ve done so for the worse. it’s sad if you’ve known people for almost 8 years, seen them grow, grown along with them, and slowly watch as we all mature, change, and drift. we all used to be close, learning from and depending on each other and watching out for each other. we all used to share the same passions and values. but when we all grew up, things changed. and those like me, can only stand from where we are and watch friends slip, change their life directions. and we can’t really do anything about it, but just well, watch, reflect, draw comparisons.

OH WELL. reflective moods are kind of fun.

my brother bought a new acoustic for his birthday (: spent this morning planning our hk itinery, doing part of my fa homework and guitaring around. and later on bobo and i went to pacey’s house to play abit of guitar, talk. anyways i need to do more hw again.

nowadays i always hear scary stuff around me. like my mum just told me that someone from church passed away in her sleep (don’t know when but recently). it’s super freaky. i’m always afraid that in the morning, someone won’t wake up. THAT IS FREAKY. oh emoness.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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