desaru + more.

it’s high time i updated about desaru (: i remember saying that i hope desaru would not be a waste of time & money. well it wasn’t :D

let me start with the night before. the night before, dee & i went to foodlion to buy snacks, our food supplies ($11.80 worth of food supplies). we happily brought it home, refused to let anyone eat it (but we really should have).

the next day we three (dee, yinxi & i) met at tampines mrt station and because my mother insisted we buy insect repellent/stickers (which i am glad we did), we ended up at guardian. that wasn’t a very good thing though because after that we left; and left the food behind :S so we boarded a cab and told the uncle ‘changi ferry terminal’. so we went along and then i said ‘yinxi! you know we bought alot alot of food?’ then dee & i turned and looked at each other and went ‘where’s the plastic bag!’ sooooo, we stupidly turned back to tampines mrt and went down on a hunt for our stupid $11.80 food supplies. it wasn’t in guardian, it wasn’t at the control station. so dee called me and asked me to bring money down to buy food again. you can’t believe how stupid i am. so i went down, brought my wallet with me and went ‘oh no, only have ringgit.’ so we both ran back to the cab, got out our singapore money, went to cheers, bought exactly the same food again (only now that its $14.30 because its not from a mama shop), went back to the cab and hooray, the meter was still running. so we went, went, went and finally, we reached (or so we thought). the cab fare was $16.30 (or thereabout). it was ridiculously high but we just didn’t say anything. got down, went in, checked for the ferry to desaru and we were met with ‘oh wrong place! thats at changi ferry terminal. this is changi point ferry terminal!’ :| okayyy, so we took another freaking cab to the right place now, but by the end of it (which wasn’t even the start of our trip we had already wasted $50). how nice right.

but all was not lost. because we finally boarded the ferry to desaru, and the ferry ride was lovely. sea, breeze, sky (: it felt like a real getaway. so we reached msia, and a minibus brought us to the resort (the pulai desaru beach resort). the resort was pretty, pool was super inviting, beach super nice. the waters were blue and clear and it was empty, sand was soft, view was :D yupyup. i still feel happy thinking about it. we went to put stuff in our room, then played around awhile and went down for lunch. lunch was good, didn’t expect the food to be that good. haha. oh and the staff there are super friendly and helpful, 100 times better than any service staff in singapore.

after lunch we went down to the beach to let our food digest. well we were supposed to. but we ended up lying down at the coast. body submerged into the water and we just let ourselves get rolled around by the waves. it was shiok (: and the sun was nice, it made the water sparkle. after one hour of playing by the beach we decided to do seasports :D

seasports is addictive. its thrilling HAHA (: we tried out the triple jet ski. jet ski is AWESOME. moreover the sea was so empty and we had it all to ourselves. we were zooming around at high speed & screaming our lungs out & clinging on for our dear life. we didn’t know how fast we could go so it was like ohmygosh damn shiok. :D HEHEH. i dont really like my descriptive words. after that we befriended another couple and we did banana boat together. banana boat is fun too. we had one crazy driver who went insanely fast and kept capsizing us (3times!) (: we were flung off the banana boat & floating around in the middle of the south china sea. <3 sea sports. oh what was really funny was that for the banana boat, we told the beach boys (those who owned the watersports equipment) to use our camera and take as many photos of us as possible. apparently, he heard wrongly. because when we came back, we saw 10 photos of his dogs, none of us. it seems like he heard it as ‘please help us take care, and you can take as many photos as you want.’ :S hahahaha.

after sea sports we bathed and wanted to go go-karting. but sadly, it was closed, so we rented monopoly from the activities counter and went up to our room to play. everytime i play monopoly, i remember why the name of the game is ‘monopoly’. because inevitably, someone monopolises. lol (: and that was MEEE hehheh. actually it was like an oligopoly (gosh i remember), with dee & i ruling the game and poor yinxi was trapped in a very bad poverty cycle. after a long game of monopoly, we were tired. but we still went down for dinner, and met the same people again.

thats when we noticed the botak people in similar adidas shirts that said ‘qatar’. initially after dinner, we tried sneaking shots of them. but after deliberating, we decided to be brave (since we were never gonna see them again anyway), and we walked up to them and talked to them. we found out they were the qatar national beach soccer team. and so we asked for a photo with them. ended up interacting a little. and we got those shots (: the resort was pretty small and by the time dinner was over we had befriended one couple, and the qatar soccer team.

after dinner we went to the kbox room. its an open, olden concept, not like kbox. and at first it was just us 3. after that 3 other guys came in. then we started singing. it started out abit weird, but we warmed up a little and the presence of those 3 guys didnt really affect us, but after some songs they would clap. and thats how we became ‘friends’ too. haha. we sang for almost 2 hours. lots of retarded songs. by that time a few of the couples we had seen earlier in the day were in the room as well (including banana boat couple) and so was the qatar team. they were there clapping their hands along to the songs and dancing around (: super cute.

went back to our room at 11 plus and played cards for a little while. was too tired from everything, the beach, sea, singing- so we just slept.

day two was fun too. we had a nice breakfast and was observing this cute angmoh family, with this cute little girl whose name sounded like ‘christiana’. we’re mad. we thought the father was charming and the mother was pretty and their daughter was cute. we almost became stalkers lol. after breakfast we decided to rent these things called super floats which are like floats but with a glass area for the face to look underneath the sea. it was quite good actually. we played around in the pool (and with the slide) for awhile then made our way to the beach again.

swam out with the superfloats but didnt see much. so we ended up sleeping on those floats in the middle of the sea, baking in the sun. for a moment, life felt so serene. but anyway, after 20 minutes or so we decided to just swim back since we could only see sand and weeds. but right after i suggested that, we turned around and saw a black jellyfish (gosh, i think it was dead). we freaked out and swam away pretty quickly. and that was when i looked into my glass and saw a tiny yellow and black striped fish swimming below :D oh joy. HAHAHA. it was so cute. dee & yinxi were trying very hard to find it so i swam away and whilst doing so, i saw 5 or 6 other small kian bilis like fishes swimming underneath (: cool right. so it wasn’t that wasted after all.

went back to the pool to play with the slides again. and then found a note on our shirts, from the guys, who asked us if we wanted to go go-karting with them(: but anyways we couldn’t so we just bathed, checked out and spent 1 hr playing table tennis & cards until our bus came and brought us back. and that feeling was so ): i didnt want to leave the beach at all. life there is so much better. and people there are so very friendly. we had even befriended the beach boys HAHAHA.

coming back to singapore was like ): but our holiday didnt really stop there. the cool thing was when we came back to ferry terminal, we called for a cab. and guess what, a mercedes maxi cab came. my goodness you should have seen my face. i was stunned. but maxi cabs are nice. it was quite a treat. & a pleasant ride to cityhall. because maxicab is so big and so shiok. and so we alighted at cityhall, and changed our remaining ringgit back.

at night (which is a separate thing from desaru already), clique celebrated and counted down to puss’ 19th birthday. we made her a really stupid video and showed her both last year’s and this year’s. then we went prata-ing at thomson. but dee & i had abit of diarrheoa. then we came back, chilled and counted down. and puss had an ice cream cake! (: loved the retarded video & the way we so casually waste our time together. i <3 clique. we are just so heck care about everything.


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