drama mama.

this is completely random but,

i never sincerely believed that watching too much of something on tv can cause a person to live that way in real life. yes but now i do. because i think tv shows have the power to attract someone so much and yet so subtly that the person subconsciously wants their life to be like that. and slowly, they start believing that it can happen in real life as well. it’s not their fault because actually what is shown on tv is pretty much realistic as well. so they behave in the same way as characters behave on tv, believing that the outcome will be largely similar to what they see (their ideal outcome). and this because they are so drawn in by this delusion, its like a form of escaping or creating their own reality.

(yes, this is why watching violence on tv can result in increased violence.)

and if you think and observe hard enough, you’ll see many people exhibiting this in their life. watching dramas (be it american, taiwan or korean) with all that ‘falling in and out of love’, ‘true love is..’ and ‘behaving like those people in gossip girl’ and what else, what not.

its true, its true, and i dont deny that sometimes i want my life to be just like that (:

BUT I SHALL NOT FALL INTO THESE TRAPS and turn into some brainless, airy-fairy dude.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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