we’re so stupid,

we can’t open doors. lol. watched hsm3 with yinxi on sunday night. well it was okay. i preferred 1 & 2. but oh but i liked her dresses (: anyhow, we couldn’t open the cinema door to exit though we kept trying & people were queueing behind us. then a man stepped forward and pushed it open with ease. we were shocked :O lol. and the same thing happened when we tried to open another door to get to the shopping mall. it didn’t open when we tried, but it did when the person behind us pushed it. so the conclusion is that we’re so stupid we can’t open doors & we call ourselves university students. tis embarrassing.

i can’t wait for friday:D & i’ve got two weddings to attend this sat & next. this week is slack. lol.

but still, life is like this :(


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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