the power of puss.

haha i love my entry title.

management comm class today was interesting. test was :|. the last minute short persuasive presentations were damn amusing. i mean it was a good mix. some were funny and some solemn. BUT my group was :SCREWEDDDEEEE, hahaha (:

booked a classroom & a seminar room to study with dee & lianzy after class. oh we’re funny people. and confirmed class schedule for sem 2 is out. i dont really like the fact that i have a thursday morning class next sem. 8.30 is the horror hour. but what to do. at least its not monday, im grateful yes.

went for mic emit concert after school. puss power! (: she sang really well YAYS. always remember our retarded jc talks on how we wanted to form a band with puss as our singer, weiwei & i as dancers, dee as the pianist. and lame was always some cool extra role (like drummer, or whatever we wanted her to be, LOL)

i think clique is the coolest thing in the world. I LOVE THE WORLD.

oh something pretty hilarious & amusing happened while walking to cityhall mrt on the way home. dee, lame & i were walking in front and talking. weiwei & kenneth behind.

dee, lame & i were talking at the traffic light and the green man shows. we start walking across the road slowly while listening to dee talk, and from the corner of our eye, we see a car drive super near to us & without hesitation,

lame & i (at the same time): *turns to the car and glares* wah laooooo.

three of us continue walking across the road. we turn around and see weiwei & kenneth laughing. kenneth tells weiwei (something like this), ‘and they were in the wrong know! they weren’t even walking in between the pedestrian crossing lines, they were walking outside the line. and normally when a car drives very near people’s natural reaction is to faster jump away. but they! just turn and say ‘wahlaoooo’ at the same time.’

HAHAHAH. when i heard it i thought it was super funny. i can’t believe that we didn’t know we were the ones in the wrong. yet we so confidently turned and glared at the car driver and said ‘wahlaooo’ in a very sian way. and to think that we didn’t even bother getting out of the car’s way. hmmm (:

ps: hypocrites ly annoy me.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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