there you go.

i knew it. obama would win.

my new template looks a little bit funny. kind of like a news forum i feel. i’m in ct meeting now. well. oh i got my bids duh. feeling a little cheated because the minimum bids for both the courses i got was $10 and $15 respectively. well done to me for knowing how to waste money, even if it’s just e$. frump frump. i wasted more than $20 altogether. SHOULD HAVE JUST BID $10.

so me. i have a 3 day week next sem with wednesday as officially my heaviest day. taking ltb, bizlaw, ma & stats. I DREAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH NUMBERS.

i am going to die it’s mid week 12 i feel like i have so many things to do still and the rate at which i’m advancing: crawling. oh the only thing i look forward to this weekend is the wedding. :D yum yum.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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