i’ve got a public confession and declaration to make:


life there is unglamorous and overrated. to put it simply, it sucks. cheers to all other smu students out there who agree with me. i fully understand what you all are going through. come, let us die together and bury our bodies in ridiculous and never ending deadlines.

i’ve got another confession to make. it’s a bloody selfish confession.

honestly speaking, i’d rather have all my group members label me as the ‘free rider lazy bum’, than to help the whole group compile and edit a whole 20 plus page report by myself. it is so seriously and totally not worth it.

remember everyone, it’s better to be a lazy bum and hate yourself, than to be the kind soul who offers to do everything and end up hating yourself even more.



About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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