sing your way home.

its kind of sad that the sem is coming to an end. i’m halfway through my last week of year 1 sem 1 :D the feeling is like, like the end of sec two, on the last day of school. when you have to say goodbye to your classmates after two years. but yet you know you’ll see them around school so there’s really nothing to be sad about. just that this time, its not two years, its only 13 weeks (: hehheh.

i’m done with THREE presentations hooray. how did i fair? i honestly don’t know. but i enjoyed myself for all 3. i hope i was good :D we wore identical belts for bgs presentation, thanks to ruben. cute. i have a strange liking for my bgs class. it’s like there’s just this feeling of unity in the class. weird, i know. and i don’t know why. i’ll miss the europeans, awww. i’ll miss the diversity of the class!

ASCT presentation finally over today. talked so much rubbish. it was so messy (: but funny as well. i just hope it was good and that gbe would like it. hehheh. one bad thing though, my bgs individual essay did like SHIIIITTT ): was rather sad.

fa’s finally over too. NO MORE WEEKLY HW ooh yes. but i know i’m being dumb to say this cos more will definitely come in my year2,3,4 in smu :| hahaha.


fa group: sophia, me, jeremy, jeslin, jupiter, brendan


bgs group: raghav, myo, ruben, emanuele, me.


as group: gary, sinye, kinyip, me.


ct group: sharon, yulin, tracy, me, jiacheng, sinye, alvin, vincent.

YAYS. love them all. and more to come!


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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