yesterday was the last day of year 1 sem 1 (: comms individual presentation went relatively okay. haha. i just hope i score well:D

honestly, i feel like my grades suck. yes they do. everyone says you have to get a minimum of B+ but it seems that everyone is getting As. ooooh. i have yet to see a SINGLE A. and my class part score would probably SUCK so much. it seems like the whole world around me is doing so well. oh depressing. dum dee dummmm.

met meanie neo for dinner yesterday night. i havent met her in so long. okay not THAT long but since yesterday was the last day of her As so i decided to just eat dinner with her(: ate at sgoon gardens astons.

i really wish i was in her position right now though, free as a flying bee. if only i could stay in that 9months holiday time period forever. work & play, watching dramas everyday, going holiday. ITS A RHYME:D i love that kind of life. oh the many many things i would do if i had all the money & time in the world. then again, anyone would be able to do ANYTHING with all the money & time in the world right. BOOOOOOO.

i totally make no sense here.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to chitter

  1. meanie says:

    hi meanie (: meanie loves you and if i call you on wed pls pick up hahahha giggles byeee. i got no $$ you shld give me some heeehee.

  2. cheryl says:

    hooooo ): why you always refuse to tell me. haha and i got even less money than you! hehheh,

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