why are there 4 weird white boxes at the bottom of my previous entry?! oh well. i skyped with megan + lauren + lisa yesterday:D sooooo. cute.

i can’t wait for exams to end. haha. to the zoo with megan and to lauren’s house to bake. i feel like a mother already. gosh. haha. and clique picnic. oh finally, it better happen. like after almost 2 years of planning right. haha. we wanted a picnic since the beginning of j2 haha. i feel like i havent met clique for so long hmrph.

oh and we had a brilliant idea last night. it must happen ok pit?:D

meanie owes me a care bear and shirt. YES, GIGGLE.

their eyes have opened. they are making noises. and they are walking around by themselves:D its time to remove them!


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to laleeloo

  1. dee says:

    ohhhhhhhhh dhoooo cutebutee!! :D bok dok!

  2. cheryl says:

    you oh dho cute ham hams is it? OR ME!

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