even if we’re miles apart! ALL!

i’m feeling quite random now. hahaha. been listening to high school musical songs. i figure thats why. shall blog abit more about my journey to meanie’s house. after school yesterday dee & i studied abit of AS. we figured that we’re really both very screwed cos our plan to cheat is gonna fail on us S: HAHAHA. shucks we have such terrible morals right. nyeh nyeh nyeh. then we changed and were ready to leave for meanie’s house/school and i decided to call meanie’s mummy first to check if anyone was at home. lucky thing i did cos no one was and it was only 4 plus that time. they said they would only be home at 8 or so. so we studied abit more. i dont really understand why we have to study the forms and logic behind our reasoning. i happen to think that fallacious arguments are fine as well. its totally fine if someone uses warped logic to argue. sometimes warped arguments make sense and its funny. so no point pointing them out right?! YES. hahaha. then made our way down to school to collect our comms indiv essay. like okay i feel like im repeating myself. then we called my cousin to find out how to get to meanie’s house from school. took a train down to amk, took bus and actually we did drop at the correct stop but we walked all the way until it was the wrong stop. so we walked back and walked around looking for the block. meanie your mummy is very funny. i called her and say i dont know where your block is. so she asked me where i was. i told her 516. she said where’s that? i said 520? she said where? i said 527. she said WHERE’S 527? hahaha. anyhow i found it. found it found it and put the nice carebear shirt + donut + card on her table. and then took a bus home.

tried learning bahasa indo yesterday. but after awhile dee only started teaching me bad words:P but its actually working i think. if i keep things up i’ll be able to speak it soon. HAHA. you really think so?! i dont know.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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