decided i should take obscene girl down and so i replaced it with love HMM. high school musical is damn cheesy leh.

ANYWAY lauren’s first birthday was quite eh, fun? shall upload photos another time but i look weird in them all. it was a girls pink boys blue party hahaha. megan has become so sticky to me but it’s kind of cute too. and i’ve decided i can’t continue to spoil her too much cos if not no good. she pasted 1001 stickers on my leg last night! haha.

hmm did i mention that there are two hamsters living in dee’s drawer?! :DD so cute.

i don’t really want holidays to pass quickly. but i bet it’s going to fly by. but that may be good cos then dee will quickly come back from indo. but by then school will start. i’m abit excited for korea already. i dont know if this time the tour group will be nice, just like last time. i hope i get to make nice friends again (: just like taiwan trip. it was fun. and I HOPE NO SNOW STORM AND TERRORIST. muaha. i want to get back on time to go hongkong! and i wonder what we’ll be doing in hongkong. will we survive there? haha i dont even know a single word of canto. oh pacey you must save us. and i wanna go to macau but the plan’s not even settled yet ): i want to go to shenzhen too. and i want to shop. poof. and when i come back from hongkong i wonder what i’m going to do from like 18th dec till the end of hols. oh yes, there’s dance :| haha. and christmas. i like christmas, my favourite season of the year. meanie i wish you weren’t working. cos YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PEI ME WHEN NAINAI’S AWAY ): i wish christmas this year would be as exciting as last year’s. oh but like i was in msia. haha. will it be exciting?

ok i need to prepare. i’m going to the zoo today. to relieve my own childhood MUAHA. i dont wanna grow up.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to hmm.

  1. meanie says:

    no. why cant i pei you when nainai’s here too.
    you break my heart.
    dont friend u.
    and no $

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