twiddle dee.

my hip bgs class is planning a gathering. hahaha.

yesterday to the zoo with megan, dylan, dee and my daddy(:


this is the only photo with 4 of us, my dad as camera man. hahaha. i’m lazy to upload more photos so anyone who wants to see them (if anyone even wants to see them) can go fb and find.

went to the dental with dee in the morning. we PLANNED to be early. like one hour early. but we ended up reaching on the dot. but wth, the dental place made us wait for like 40 mins. so we got impatient (cos we were already late to meet my dad to go to the zoo!) and asked how long it would take. she thought we were seeing some other dentist (which was the wrong one anyway). so we told her we had an exam at one, and whether they could let us go first. but irritating counter woman said nono cannot still must wait for two more people in front of you! and we told her BUT WE GOT EXAM! hahaha omg. but she didnt care so we went in and asked the nurse if we could go first. and we came out in 5 minutes. tsk. the inefficiencies of ndc. the last few times we went late we didnt even have to wait 10 mins. now we come on time and we wait 40 mins. what is this? HAHA.

then we took a train down to meet my dad for the zoo and went to pick megan and dylan up. the zoo trip was quite fun i suppose. if you minus off the fact that i had to carry her lots cos she was demanding i do so. i will develop muscles overtime. HAHA. but i bet the kids were having fun. cos dylan said this was his best zoo trip ever and megan nodded when we asked her if she was happy. but the saddest thing was, we didnt see many animals. we like spent lots of time at the kiddy rainforest place. hahaha. no lions, no giraffe, no pig, no polar bear. what’s the zoo without seeing all these animals?! lol.. but it was still fun hohum.

and i’m going to prepare for clique picnic now so YAY. hooray.


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