who said there were no free lunches in this world?

i keep looking at clique picnic photos (: so nice. haha, why do we always look so happy together? heehee.

today was a rather interesting day. had one of the best pleasant surprises given to me (us) by an almost complete very generous stranger. ooh i feel like today is a day full of happy stuff. there was no sermon in church and we only watched this testimony and short sermon video for myhope singapore. i think the testimony was really super cool (: but i kind of think that the way they acted it out made it seem like some jack neo film.

then went lunching with bobo, chrystal and glory. we ate at thai express and we were almost done with our dessert when suddenly one lady appeared out of nowhere with a receipt in her hand. she put it down on the table (totally giving us a shock) and said: ‘merry christmas! hope you all have a blessed week (or was in christmas).’


for literally 5 seconds we were shocked. as in ya, couldn’t make out what was going on. then she went: ‘you’re from bartley right?’ and pointing at me: ‘you’re that alfred’s daughter right?’ and still in that STUNNED state i nodded and she said: ‘ya this is your bill yes?’ and we nodded. and she went on saying merry christmas and some other nice words (which i didn’t catch cos i was still in shock). yes very very shocked. then she smiled and left. wowee, someone just paid for our bill;) hehheh. then we 4 looked at each other in total shock and burst out laughing. then we grabbed the bill and stared at the $59.75 that was staring at us. then we started asking ‘oh who is she ah? i like got see her before.’ my gosh, we must be evil not to know her. how can anyone be so nice? haha. and then we were like ‘oh we better give her a christmas card and maybe buy her some nice body shop or spa gift pack’. hahaha. after much speculation as to why she wanted to pay for our bill, we settled with 1) she was a nice old grammy who had alot of money and she wanted to bless us, 2) she liked my testimony or 3) (GLORIA SAID THIS) she has a secret crush on me. i don’t know WHY ME?! haha. oh gloria said actually when she put the receipt down on the table, she was thinking ‘why is someone making us pay her bill?’ HAHAHA. yes and i still can’t get over it :D i feel so blessed to have a free thai express lunch. whee. will i ever be as nice as her one day?



see our trying-to-be-shocked faces (but actually we ARE really shocked la)

yes and then i went to buy my long sleeve shirt from fox (: for korea and hk. and for singapore too. i think it makes me look like a candy cane or else santa claus. hahaha.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to who said there were no free lunches in this world?

  1. meanie says:

    hoohee so lucky (:

  2. lamie says:

    never happened to me before !!

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