rewind time.

i was doing one of my all time favourite things this morning: reading my old blogs :D and here’s an excerpt i found from one of my blogs dated october 3rd 2007.

the past 4 months have been filled with FUN. gang time is the best. let me think.

  • east coast outing
  • bang gang dinner night
  • bagpack day
  • shopping day after bt2
  • best friends day at national stadium (no more now!)
  • ndp singing in school
  • ndp human flag day
  • ndp stayover (swimming + OTHERS)
  • many study outings and
  • studying at nlb
  • kbox day after prelims
  • badminton day after prelims 2 (haha!)
  • high school musical night
  • random stayover day + shopping
  • many days of ratatoulling at jaya’s house
  • many different kinds of days
  • oh and now, studying at nlb again

okay :D i miss school life and gang time. oh i just got back my prelim results. ABCDE, so amusing. how come i could do so well in j1 huh? okay and you know what, results are deceiving (but im thankful for them) because im still seriously worried about my M-A-T-H-S. :( :( :( :( cries. im truly truly happy with my geog and math. and quite happy with econs. im contented with gp and resigned to lit :D OH WHEE.

there is mock gp today. i hate hate HATE exams!

i can’t believe we did so many many many things in jc!

ok i’m going for dance soon :) bye.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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