all about blogging.

why am i up so early? you don’t need to know why (: hahaha. i like waking up early. gives me lots of time to do things. like snooping around fb, blog hopping, and thinking. yes, i am one person who needs very little sleep, and can wake up at 7 every morning (if i wanted to) at will. see, no need for stupid alarms.

i just went blog hopping. whenever i blog hop, i read younger people’s blogs. well that’s mainly because people my age (or older) don’t keep blogs. either that, or i just don’t know they exist. besides, reading what younger people blog is much funner (if such a word exists) and definitely more amusing :D one of the main reasons why this is so is BECAUSE younger people are more open and honest when they blog. it kind of reminds you of your young self. but yea as i was reading, i realised people really do pour out their hearts on their blogs. like what! ok i was and will never be able to comprehend that. yeah i know then blogging would be like a big contadiction. because aren’t blogs like diaries? for you to write anything you want? for you to confide in and be emo and angsty? well to me, no. because why would i write everything i want or feel on a world wide web? even if i protected it, it still doesn’t feel safe. haha. see, skepticism and the inability to trust anyone. thats like quite me.

(shit i’m talking about emo things)

yes as i was saying, i was thinking that blogs are fine to post photos and write rubbish, blog abit of random fun stuff. basically for people who like to waste time ranting and who have itchy fingers- like me. but you see, i’d never blog what i truly want or feel or really am thinking (especially if it gets people asking). because why? i never like people to ask what this and that means. or why i’m like that. so this kind of makes me out to be like a big hypocrite of all time. yes? NO actually i don’t think so.

see i like to blog things randomly. but i don’t like people to ask. now, imagine if i were to blog ‘it’s all your fault.’ right now, because i really felt like it. and for no reason and to no one in particular. that would get some people asking me, who? why? but would anyone honestly believe me if i said there really isnt anyone and there really isnt any reason? no, right? why? why can’t i just blog random sentences. why must i have a reason for blogging things? the mind is weird. my mind is weird. sometimes i just like to say things about no one in particular and for no reason. there really does not need to be a reason for everything. right?

but when people blog anything, they obviously WANT PEOPLE TO READ IT. yes? there doesn’t have to be a reason for it but you obviously want someone to read it. i mean it’s true. you’d be lying if you said no. really, think about it. its a subconscious cry for attention (because you just want people to know that that happened). even if its a random sentence. and even though people may use ‘nobody reads my blog anyway’ or ‘it’s only for myself to read’, i still think its just an excuse. because if you never want people to know about it, why blog about it? isn’t it silly to think that no one will read it? i’m very afraid of blogsearch and blog hoppers who link their way through anywhere and everywhere. oh and although i personally use the excuse of ‘no one would be interested in my life anyway’ sometimes. i still am not brave enough so i dont blog about it at all. so my rule is always, blog only if you want people to know. ooooh.

then what about private blogs? i don’t know man. i’m not IT savvy enough to know whether its REALLY protected or not. so you see, blogging is really just for little people (like me) to kill time and rant. yes i mean it can serve as a diary but seriously, a diary is supposed to be like when you pen things down in a little book that no one has access to. haha oh, traditional conventional me.

YES, I JUST RANTED. i am amazing. was anyone actually reading what i wrote? hahah. and just for fun, if anyone thought i was contradicting myself because i said i don’t pour my heart out in blogs, yet you think i just poured my heart out by writing all those rubbish above? well, you’re wrong. this, how can it even be considered as pouring my heart out man. this is not even 1% of what’s in my heart. see, i’m only pouring out the rubbish that keeps forming in my head, not my heart; and there is a very very fine line of difference between the two.

ok, seriously. i don’t know what got me into such a ranty mood. maybe it’s just today. sad, gloomy, empty today. i’m pretty restless and oh well. whatever.

does anyone need to know why? haha. wait, do i even need to have a reason to be feeling like this? POOF. korea tmr. i don’t feel excited at all. yet. WHY. someone tell me why.

it’s all your fault. (there you go. hahaha, suddenly i feel so complex. i can’t even figure out whether i’m really blogging this for a reason or not.)


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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4 Responses to all about blogging.

  1. dee says:

    whose pault!! why? who? why? who? MEEEE? oh dho tmeng. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?? :D :D

  2. cheryl says:

    you dont pittit me ah hahaha.

  3. meanie says:

    EH. i never read finish this entyr. hahaha. you are clearly rambling.

  4. cheryl says:

    HAHA YES MEANIE GLAD YOU KNOW. you gotta know why im rambling right. even though there’s abit no link.

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