i’m finally back in singapore! the weather is so, normal (: im kind of glad. my laptop (and everything else) is not adjusting well. haha there’s like mega condensation and everything’s very wet. haha. I MISS SHARLEEN :) tweehee.

i’m back i’m back i’m back. HOORAY. but i can’t believe i’m gonna be gone again soon :) sunday. 11am. hongkong. whoo. korea trip was amazing :) freaking awesome, a hell lot of fun and yea, beeeaaauuutiful. i have them all blogged out on ms word everyday. shall do the real proper blogging tmr morning. ooh and i have 12 albums on fb, check them out if you are TOOO bored.

tmr. lunch with meanie. and maybe sentosa. HAHA. im nuts right. then cg. then pack pack. then :D then sunday im off again. my 5th plane ride in less than 2 weeks. applause.

highlights of korea: cheju, daegu, stm, everland (my favourite), ski resort (:D next favourite), SHARLEEN (my new love), minyoung :) and bus rides.

i need to bathe, sleep. and do MANY THINGS TMR.

lucky to have been where i have been, llucky to be coming home again. :)


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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