if you read this, i give you.

i feel so melancholic now. FWAH. why. i woke up this morning feeling like that. and i thought of the song ‘sometimes when we touch’. haha. must be listened to it too many times in the plane. but oh its so, sad. and melancholic. yes. olivia songs all sound like that hur. i realised im so into sad sounding dreamy love songs. AYE SHIT. haha :)

you know i seriously cannot believe that tomorrow i’m going to hongkong. IT REALLY feels so unreal. like what?! tmr morning i’ll be waking up and going to the airport AGAIN, to another foreign country. cold. plane ride again. its kind of :S :| :) and ): haha. i kind of want to stay a BIT longer in singapore (just this little bit), but mostly yes i want to go. i feel so unprepared though. like as if i cannot adjust properly. to the language and place. aye. it will probably pass very quickly ): so sad.

so i suppose it’s time for me to blog about korea. YES LONG ENTRIES. haha. so, it’s mostly going to be copy and paste from ms word:


day 2 (: there’s no internet connection here at cheju island. but the good thing is, although the weather at cheju is still cold, its SOO much better than yesterday! don’t know how many degrees but definitely above zero :) anything beats -15/-20 eh? got up at 6.30 this morning, early and curly, and had to pack to leave the hotel. it was coincidental that we met claudia and bella at the hotel. WOW, the world is so small. took breakfast at some chinese restaurant and then, IT SNOWED :) ooh yea baby! not like the 5 minute snow at shanghai, but real proper snow. heard it was -10 deg and yea, snow’s really quite pretty. i like it :) then we went to some airport for our flight to cheju. took a gazillion photos today, you can’t believe it. why am i such a camwhore? anyway, cameras never seem to be able to capture the real beauty that we see. TEEHEEHEE. ao anyhow the flight was only 50 minutes. small plane, LOVELY FLIGHT :) really love window seats. the whole flight felt like a super fast car drive on clouds. TWEEHEE. i love it, i love it, i love it. the weather at cheju was :) 12 deg hottest. coldest maybe 5? i don’t know I’m just estimating. then the busride in cheju. it felt like it was so taken out of a drama kind of scene. it was snowing the past 2 days at cheju. LIKE HEAVY SNOWING. cheju never snows, well its very rare, so said the tourguide. so the past 2 days of snow was a freak but created lovely scenery for us. driving through the whole place was like driving through a pretty and deserted island. for the first 40 minutes or so we didn’t see anybody or any car. just empty buildings, trees, rocks, roofs, mountains and roads ALL COVERED IN PRETTY WHITE SNOW :) how awesome. it’s like we were the only people there. and for a moment, i felt like a whole population got wiped out by a blizzard or something. as if. BUT SO EMPTY. HEEHEE.

i love love love listening to music on the bus and looking out the window. I LOVE IT. yes, love it. especially since the scenery is so pretty. OOHEE. white winter! and so happy cos it’s the first time i see everything around me covered in snow. i am blabbering :)

then we had lunch at some place that served yummy food. WAH my description rocks. hahaha. then it was ATV ride. ATV ride was kind of er bumpy but quite fun. but my jeans got super super dirty ): like mud combined with melted ice :S then it was to some cultural folk don’t know what village place which was also another filming place for da chang jing. it’s quite a pretty place seriously. PHOTEES a plenty :) we ate ice cream :) whoo. it didn’t melt at all. hahaha. eating ice cream in winter DOES NOT make you colder, and it is not at all a crazy idea, contrary to what many people believe. even the tourguide said so. but i don’t know why :) i think maybe cos the outside temperature is even colder than the ice cream so the ice cream does not make you cold? okay, we saw random horses roaming around cheju’s greeeen pastures as well. hahaha. then we went to some tangerine farm for like 15 minutes :| the roads in cheju are quite empty and long. so nice. then to the loveliest place of the day: sunrise mountain :D oooh ooh. so preeeeeetttyyyy! seee, I GO CRAZY WHEN I SEE PRETTY AWESOME NATURE :) especially oceans. yes yes yes. it was so pretty, the view from up the mountain. looking down at green green grass, big blue waters and wildflowers :) in such nice weather. what more can you ask for? meow meow. then the drive to our dinner place where we ate ginseng chicken. but honestly, i think novena korean restaurant’s ginseng chicken is much nicer. HAHAHA. rice wine is so. HOT. hahaha. I feel my face burning now.


day 3 (: today’s weather was absolutely lovelyyyy. but my hair was so messy and sucky ): anyway, had breakfast in the hotel this morning. and then more sightseeing. went to this coastal area with rocks and THE OCEAN, yea :) very very pretty in the morning. i love these kind of places. and then to this famous mysterious road where things roll UPHILL. heeehee. but its like an illusion thing. after that made our way to the airport again! :) nyehheh. oh i must say i’m a brilliant multitasker. like walk and type on laptop haha. the only time i could get connection was in the airport ): and I seriously doubt the ski resort will have connection la ): oh well. i’m gonna be sitting plane SIX TIMES in less than two weeks. how freaking awesome :) 6 SEXY TIMES. hahahaha. so the plane ride was retardedly short. it like never really took off properly before we landed. cos it was only 45 minutes long. then Daegu :) daegu is really pretty and the weather rocks too. yes. oh and our tourguide is getting more entertaining and interesting by the day. he tells us lovely, funny and very entertaining stories :D love him. and he has this taiwan accent. haha. so he was telling us that korea is (was) actually called coree. then it became corea. and the japanese made it korea. apparently, koreans hate the japanese very very very much. then we went up some mountainous temple place. the weather was (i must emphasize again) BEEEOOOTIFUL. oh up the mountain felt abit like the jumong places. hahaha. and ooh, i saw (for the first time in my life), a completely FROZEN-MIDWAY waterfall. dang cool :) it was like ICE hanging from a cliff all the way down. oh and we drank water from a well (apparently it’s from a fresh spring). we werent very interested in the statues at all so we just took photos :) so yepp. then we went to spa valley. we’re pro. never bring swimming costume or swimming cap. or towel. or change of clothes. but somehow we managed to get in and out of the water, clean, dry and NOT FROZEN :) the spa place is quite fun and yea there was NUDE SPA. hohoho. i only went in for awhile though, to the milk bath one. it’s damn weird seeing like OLD & YOUNG ladies all naked :S seriously. old ladies?! sorry la, but i’d rather close my eyes. hahaha. then went for this fish therapy thing. you know, fishy eating your dead skin. it is SCARY. damn. i was super scared and disgusted by the black fishes. it was quite ticklish, BUT that wasn’t so bad. instead, KNOWING that the disgusting black fish (like confirm at least got 50 or more fish) were All nibbling your skin was bad. yuck ): the sight of it is SOOOO disgusting i wanted to cry hahaha. and i was screaming inside me. okay, i’m lousy la. but seriously, it’s gross. i had to close my eyes and think that ‘IT’S JUST BUBBLES’. but no, they SWIM around you and it’s disgusting. the max i could last was 2 minutes before pulling my leg out again. then I had to calm down for like 5 minutes or so before putting my legs in for another 30 seconds. it’s challenging :| then dinner. and then to some night shopping place. our tourguide tells us interesting cool stories about koreans and life in korea. i feel so educated about their culture/history/gossips. LOL :) YEAP. i like learnt SO much about korea from this trip. my favourite story was about this guy who wanted to buy ginseng milk and ended up at a police station because he was accused of sexual harassment :D haha. and i bought a sesame street bag which i LOVEEEE so much :) OMG cheryl is so childish, she can never grow up! and then bought this long sleeved shirt which will probably be quite useful in singapore. haha. oh whee.


day 4 (: today has by far been the bestest day. most fun as well. and whee yea, the day IS NEARING :) so woke up early this morning and oh spoiler came ): POOF. was quite annoyed but ah whatever. there was this group of korean high school students holidaying at our hotel and they were all wearing winter uniforms this morning :) HOT. and k guys are quite cute you know :D yes. had breakfast and then we went out to take photos for awhile. the swimming pool was frozen. haha, and so was the waterfall. so many frozen water bodies i’ve seen over the past few days. then took a lovely 3 hour bus ride to Everland. did the usual listen to music, stare out the window, DAYDREAM alot :)

tourguide told us MANY interesting entertaining stories. today’s favourite was how samsung owner’s 3rd daughter committed suicide over love. ooh. it was quite a tragic story actually. apparently her father separated her from her lover because of the social status gap, sent her to america and him to the army. and when she found out about how he’d been lying to her all this while, she hung herself. but the father, being so whatever you call it, covered it up, refused to admit he had driven his daughter to death, and said she DIED in a car accident. but reporters, being smartasses, uncovered the truth within 4 hours. haha. he was so embarrassed that he stayed in america for 6 months. so loser, but really very tragic ): tourguide was quite funny LOL. he said because of that he signed a contract with his daughter that she could date freely and whoever she wanted, provided she did it after uni and that he wasn’t an indian. ?! damn funny la.  yeaaaa then we reached samsung transportation museum. it really does not sound as boring as its name. in fact i think it’s hip and pretty. apparently, ALL the cars in the museum were once owned by samsung’s owner :O a huge collection of cars. from vintage to modern. ALL. rocks la. vintage cars are so pweeeetty :) and race cars are hot. took a gazillion photos of all the cars. okay, and i am seriously turning into a paedo because i got damn amused with a group of little kids squeezing into one of the vintage cars to take a photo. i kind of liked the transportation museum ALOT :) ooof. then up to everland themepark.

EVERLAND THEMEPARK IS THE BEST PLACE :) not that the themepark is better than australia’s or whatever, but just that the atmosphere there was SO NICE! i felt so HAPPY there i wanted to stay there forever and ever. the whole place had SUCH A CHRISTMASY FEELING :) so so happy. it’s the first time i’ve felt so christmasy ever. i like really want christmas to come. haha. the songs playing throughout the whole themepark, the colourful buildings, candy canes, dancing themepark people, people laughing, rocking chilly weather, rides; HAPPINESS. it’s seriously a very very happy and christmasy place :D i like alot.

everland; it’s owned by samsung. no rather, everland owns majority of samsung stock, so whoever owns everland kind of owns samsung (see I learn alot from this tour). OKAY, what my tourguide said yesterday is TRUE. i have to say this. all uni grads fight to work in samsung. yes in korea. totally. even if its just at a themepark owned by samsung, your pay is freaking high. see, those grads from top unis coming out to work for samsung, even as themepark operators or people dancing in costumes, WAVING HANDS WHOLE DAY, SMILING, SINGING- they earn $4500 USD per month. so unfair. so everywhere we looked, we saw uni grads. those smartass people, dying to work for samsung. it’s hilarious actually. but it’s unfair. for the kind of job they’re doing, they’re getting paid double of what singapore uni grads are being paid. and they all look like 21, 22? so young and pretty. its crazy really. but i think if i was Korean i’d die to work for everland as well. i’d be very happy everyday doing nothing earning money and thinking that everyday is christmas. i’ve got very amusing videos of what their job scope involves :) dancing people. HAHA. everyone wants to work there.

everyday is a holiday. that’s their slogan at Everland. and everland provides very good service. and their technology is :) way better than all the other themeparks i’ve been to. really enjoyed myself there :) and the last time i took a rollercoaster was when? last year December. the rides were ALL :D from the kiddy ones to the not so kiddy ones. and the zoo there is pretty cool. the animal enclosures were better than singapore’s. the tiger was walking beside our bus. the bears were standing on their two feet walking around. the lions were free to roam around. and just for amusement, the penguins there are called ‘jackass penguins’. made a couple of new (older) friends from the tour throughout the day. a father, a teacher. what else. all because of the rides :)

AND found 3 new hot loves. seee, I AM A PAEDO :) but my newest (most favourite) love is 4 year old little sharleen, who’s so so so pretty and cute, and doesn’t know how to spell her own name. and there’s 7 year old little bernice, who’s so talkative and 7 year old SUPER CUTE achel who is just too small for her age (she looks like she’s THREE please). dang cute. BUT I LOVE SHARLEEN THE MOST :) paedo paedo paedo. damn, but i don’t care.

oh and CT results are out LOL. ok i really don’t care la.

after themepark we drove another 2 hours. happiness. then dinner and off to try SKI SUITS for the next day :) the tourguide like told us his whole life story as well. pretty sad, but kind of funny. complicated yea. a few more days to go :)


day 5 (: what a splendid day. SKIING IS LOVE :D ooh ah everyday seems to be getting better. JUST THREE MORE :) ski day’s the day! had breakfast at some restaurant near the ski resort place. was watching some korean mtv on the large screen of the restaurant. k is quite hip ok. their entertainment industry is super self sustaining la (: ruff ruff. the ski resort is HUGE and PRETTY :) a big white slopee.

SKIING IS LOVE. everyone says SURE FALL ONE! who says? hahaha. brilliant me didn’t fall once :) i think i’m a natural hidden talent at skiing. HWEEHEE. as in yea, i didn’t really expect myself to pick it up at the first try and, I THINK IT’S SO AWESOME :) OOH the tourguide said i was the best out of everyone. yea yea yea! i felt like some little girl who got first in class and got praised by her teacher. lol. he said i’m ‘li hai’ and he gave me ‘yi bai fen’ and that he recommends me to go for singapore skiing. ohh baby im the best. HAHA. yeah right as if singapore has skiing ): i really loved skiing though. its like rushing down the icy slope against the COLD WIND. waaaaaaah. but climbing up to ski down was a horrible nightmare for my muscles. anw i’m a proud peacock cos I DIDN’T FALL HOOHEE :) skiied with rachel (who’s 12) and joel (rachel’s brother, who’s 13). they’re quite nice and funny. and kind of like my type. hahaha. only that they’re like 7 years younger than me. why do i feel so old?

then we built snowman. and had mini snowball fights. yes. me, my brother, rachel, joel and SHARLEEN :) WHOOPDEEDOO. our snowman is so pretty and it wore my specs.

and sharleen’s like my new happy pill. seriously. everytime i see her i say ‘naughty girl!’ and she smiles at me and i laugh :) she’s so freaking omg. hahaha. so naughty, cheeky, cute, pretty and whatelse. everytime i see her i’m happy. haha, and she threw this snowball at me that went INTO my jacket and melted. soooo cold :S oh there was one part where she was super cute. she was making many snowballs and throwing them at her brother. so we started helping her make those snowballs. then we saw this super large snowball and i said ‘sharleen! throw this at korkor!’. and she went ‘noo! that one’s for the talking uncle!’ hahaha. she meant the tourguide. SO NAUGHTY! :) i like!

and i kinda like playing with little bernice and sharleen too. wheehee. especially sharleen, i love calling her naughty girl. NOW I GOT MUSCLE ACHES. arm muscle aches mostly ): no leg aches and NO BLUE BLACKS :D

tmr’s the second last day and back to seoul. i hope tmr’s a great day as well.


day 6 :) well almost the end of the trip. thinking back, the past 6 days have been freaking freaking awesome. haha. the weather, scenery, activities, people, places. ooh yea. and it ended off even better today- dinner with minyoung :) felt kind of cool. so left the ski resort in the morning. ooh muscles ached badly today. esp the hands. yeah then had a long 1 hour plus bus ride to some sangsoo herb land. HAHA. anyhow, sharleen. she never fails to make my day :D herb land was quite boring actually if not for the fact that i was sitting next to sharleen and being entertained by her. have more photos of her today. so CUTE. she took lots of photos and started drawing on them. and oh, another cute thing, her chinese name is ziwei, which is like so princess. hahaha, adorable. you know my camera is like a THING to lure kids. i used it on megan. and now sharleen. and bernice. THEY ALL LOVE IT. love drawing on it and touching the touch screen. and they ask for my camera all the time :DD teehee. that’s how i make kids like me. hahha, cheryl so cunning ah.

tourguide told us lots of funny stories about his previous tour groups. he’s so damn funny. conclusion: china tourgroups are WEIRD. esp the one he took, all of them asked weird questions, were so rude its unbelievable and they ran away on the last day (illegal immigrants, YES). haha. his stories are so amusing but i don’t think i have the energy to blog them. then we went shopping at myeongdong (if i spelt it correctly), which is kinda like a nu ren jie. its awesome, just that winter time ): i can totally imagine it in summer. shopping craziness. haha. bought 2 necklaces and stuff for megan. then it was to another shopping centre. but we were too tired to shop already. then off to our hotel. LOTTE WORLD HOTEL. 6 stars :)

was gonna meet minyoung for dinner so my family left to join the tour while i stayed in the hotel room for like half an hour and skyped with dee :) then met minyoung at 6 at the hotel lobby. i felt happy :) we cabbed to some pretty pretty street and ate at a rather ex but pretty italian restaurant. quite a romantic type of place. the food was nice and time with minyoung was nice too. i don’t really know her very well but it wasn’t awkward at all. quite fun to talk to her. and i felt so hip venturing out into korea by myself with my friend :D HEEE. then we walked awhile. but it was cold. took photos. bought a pouch, which i totally couldn’t resist. HAHA, minyoung said thats what tourists are supposed to do anyway, like spend money and buy stuff. then we took more photos. cabbed back. took photos again. dinner with minyoung was :)

and now internet access. YES.

rumpy rumpy. TWC results are out. im so like whatever as well. yea i did badly. hmph. im busy uploading photos on fb. I HAVE 11 ALBUMS. whoo. i think im so insane. but i love all the photos. ALL :)

day 7 (: the last day of korea was fun. spent ALOT of time playing with sharleen and bernice. alot. i’m like addicted to them. HAHA. mainly because we went to boring places like jewel and ginseng factories. haha yes but sharleen and bernice was GOOD ENTERTAINMENT :) i love them. played silly games like scissors paper stone, heart attack and ya. primary school stuff. oh we bumped into edmund chen/xiangyun’s family like twice. and took photos too. NOW I HAVE 12 ALBUMS ON FB. too many alr. no one’s gonna see them but i don’t care man :)

plane ride was ok. lovely sunset. didnt watch any movies. listened to alot of nice songs and wrote ALOT. random doodles, drawings, song lyrics, ALOT of stuff, letters to sharleen and bernice OMG haha. yes. i am crazy.

don’t take too long to say i love you to the ones you love, cos time has a habit of slipping away. and out on a clear blue sky when lightning strikes on a sunny day, just take me in and keep me from the rain. and the words that seem so hard to say, come out when you’ve gone away, stay a little while and hear me say. that i want you here tonight, and i need you by my side, for just one more moment, for just one more moment with you. turn away to say goodbye with each and every word that passes by, like a distant memory. and time keeps slipping away, and time will turn it grey, and time will be the one who holds you down. and the words that seem so hard to say, come out when you’ve gone away, stay a little while and hear me say. that i want you here tonight, and i need you by my side, for just one more moment, for just one more moment. and i want you here tonight, and i need you by my side, for just one more moment, for just one more moment with you.


okay that was a crazy long entry. but easy just copy and paste. YAWNS. i give you kiss if you read the whole entry, everyword. HAHA. ok :) KIDDING.

gosh I NEED TO PACK! get my butt moving, print itinery, change money ): i feel so unsettled.


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