she cant stop :)

i can’t believe i DIDN’T spend today resting. haha. i woke up at 7.40am. which is really retardedly early. all korea’s fault. even my brother who usually wakes up after 11.30 got up at 9am today. HOW AMAZING.

so lunch with meanie. 1 hour. during her lunch break. it was fun :) meow meow. we had nice cheap lunch at cine and it was all rubbish talk. haha. and 1 hour passed very fast.

then i stoned for 1 hour before meeting seah. hooha. we just walked to marina, sat at gloria jeans, drank a cup of coffee and left. SO RETARDED RIGHT. and i was like in stony mood. he was in, dont know what kind of nonsense mood also.

then came home. took luggage and yes, my hamsters. then cg people came. we did mhs deco (: ooh whee im excited for hk tmr. i can just sense everyone’s excitement. haha. then to kuochuan to crash camp sermon. wah so tiring. and i just got back.

:DDD thats how i feel now.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to she cant stop :)

  1. meanie says:


  2. meanie says:

    i let you read next time.

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