dance days.

:) my days are just getting better.

woke up quite late this morning. (YEA:D) like 9am. then ate breakfast. and then made birthday card! left house at 1 for dance. went to j8 to do shopping for clique gift exchange. i think i got a really nice present, muahaha. lame or weiwei’s lucky. i hope i’m luckier. cotton on is so CROWDED omg. then developed photos and went off for dance.

dance today was GRRREAT :D haha. as in, fun i mean. we did abit of learning how to pirouette (and that kind of sucked). but after that was clean up and trying to perfect the timing. oh we did many prances and jumps today. I LIKE VERY MUCH. dance time is always very happy. and always filled with laughter. :D

i remember lyrics! which is such a useful skill i swear :) they were all amazed. SOMETIMES i feel like i MIGHT disappear in the BLURR of FAST FORWARD i FALTER AGAIN. hahaha. wowee. and today sam danced something wrongly (like ran too far behind) and made us all laugh and laugh :D hoohee.

after dance we had dance dinner. ok not really dance dinner. there was like only 8 of us. ate at nihon mura at cathay. very cheap ($6.50 only!) and nice. and very filling. it was silly and fun :) we talked. about people, and getting leotards, and jcs, and ccas and more outings. and and omg, they dont allow us to take photos inside cathay?! what nonsense. then after dinner, some of them went home. then chenhui, yanhing, desmond, zhigang and i went to mr tea to chill and play games.

played taboo. taboo with them is damn fun i swear. i just kept laughing and laughing nonstop. they are all so entertaining. and we actually finished the whole stack, green colour! :) whoo. and desmond and zhigang treated 3 of us girls to oreo surprises. girls love surprises! :D haha. or rather, girls love oreo. then took train home with chenhui.

hanging out with the dancers is fun. HAHA. more more.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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