so after pjparty, dance and SHOPPING last night, i really dieded. like shopping know. my stamina is excellent laaa, can’t believe i still agreed to accompany my parents to shop at supercrowded orchard :D my parents actually wanted to buy things for me ok. i have no idea why they always contradict themselves. i thought they said i shopped too much already?! haha. so i got a pretty blouse which is supposed to be my cny clothes HAHA. abit early right? but well. and another dress HEEEEE. and clips. but oh as i was walking around the shopping centre i was seriously zoning out. like going to sleep. and so tired. but i’m amazing, i’m still able to spend money while being tired. haha.

then i slept at 11.45 and thats quite early for me these few days. but the even more surprising thing was that i woke up at 9.40 this morning. HA! waking up late never happens to cheryl tan ok! but its :) i got 10 hours of sleeeep. oh precious rest. and then i started chionging cg christmas cards at 10 :S and i’m almost done now.

went to amk hub with eugene. and he drove :D teehee. wowee i feel like a pampered lady getting driven everywhere nowadays. OKAY YES WHATEVER. haha. and i sat in his big van muahaha. bought all the stuff from ntuc. fruits and utensils. and then had lunch at S11. and then drove home. but we were damn stupid i swear. like his van was very empty at the back and we didnt tie the plastic bag of apples and the whole plastic bag of fruits. so like on the way home the melon and apples were rolling around at the back of the van and hitting the sides like everytime he turned/stopped/accelerated whatever. like bong bong bong. hahaha. DAMN SMART RIGHT. i think the melon’s bruised now lah!

alrights, i’m going to complete my christmas cards :) haha.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  1. meanie says:

    hi meanie! yes good u didnt wake up so early today! ok next time i drive you too. in my pink&purple sports car :D teehee.

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