shall we.

i’m in lame’s house now :) waiting for time to pass to meet bobo, glory and pacey YAWNS. actually i have quite a few things to blog. about yesterday and today. and the year. YES ITS 31ST DEC ): (: i dont know if i’m too happy about that. i dont really want to be 20. or more like i REALLY dont want to be 20. i cant imagine it. so old ):

and i have to blog quickly cos i have to leave lame’s house soon HAHA.

yesterday had dance (: and dance was quite fun as usual. measurements! and lifts. haha. and jumps. :D and then dance new year party. too much food. and charades was silly. merry go round was horrible. wanted to puke. and sparklers were quite smokey but pretty. and then ice cream at thomson. and a long walk home :)

had breakfast this morning with my parents at sgoon gardens. then left to meet clique. had a pretty taitai day. kind of loved it :) lunch at astons. yumyum. and then shopping around aimlessly for cute and useless things. got a notebook, buttons and cloth. TWING TWING. and then after much walking, we had tea (well dessert la) at secret recipe :) aunties in the making. and camwhored. funny fun fun.

hope later’s fun. new year? yes resolution and thanksgiving have yet to be done. wheehoo. and dee’s coming back soon! :) time flieeees. and and and, resevoir tmr morning. YES. happy.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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