this is going to be long. and probably not going to be coherent at all. so don’t say i didn’t warn.

here we go. i have time now, finally, to sit down and BLOG. and think about things. I LOVE TO THINK. and think and think, though i always tell people i don’t like to think alot. okay that is such a lie i’m sorry :)

let’s start with er, what has happened over new year. so countdown. i was thinking, whats the big deal about new year and countdowns, that everyone has to rush to marina or somewhere crowded to get drunk or high. HAHA. i never liked crowds. but then, i really hate being lonely as well. and maybe because it’s just 31st dec so there’s always this need to like spend it with someone. if not very sad. but seriously, i was delude myself and say stuff like if you think about it, it’s just another day normal day. no plans then no plans lor HAHA. wtheck right :D enough of this.

ok let me continue with after resevoir and starbucks yesterday. what did i do ah? oh yes after that went to the airport, walk, talk, do nothing, eat dinner. haha. quite nice la. long bus rides are always nice :D i bought glory something.


amusing eh? i just knew that it was made for her. then met bobo and glory at gardens. we brought glory for her virgin alcohol experience at liquid kitchen. but it was such a NYEH one (whatever that means) cos glory totally gave her drink to bobo cos she thought it was too medicinal tasting/alcoholic? haha. i dared to gloria to blog this. and she did. but i have to add on.

at liquid kitchen, cheryl had sex on the beach with bobo and glory. they tried it and liked it too :D YAHOO.

THAT SOUNDED SO WRONG. haha who say i dont dare to blog it?! ok well whatever. and this morning i woke up bright and early and went for walk with my parents at henderson wave/mountfaber. very nice i like mountfaber :) i wanna go again. haha. and oh my brother’s gone back to school. first day sec three, wearing PANTS now. i find it kind of strange. haha. and i think i should move on to more serious reflective type of stuff now. haha.

i’m thinking that i don’t wanna blog all my resolutions down. but maybe just some. like i know that i’d wanna get my driving license :D and ok i want many things. i want the usual earn money, save money, keep my hair long, get good grades (good enough to get me on a nice exchange program), be a better dancer :D haha, read the bible more, maintain all my close friends. and yes, don’t drift away from the cg. that’s what bobo & glory asked yesterday. would you still go cg even if you were the only girl left? and i said YES. and i really meant it. but still, whenever i think about it, the feeling’s not nice at all ):

2008: was a very good year. many many many many many things happened. good, bad, exciting. i can really look back and only say thank you GOD :) i’ve been thinking back on 2008 alot. i can’t believe so many things have happened, it felt like so long ago and i’m like ‘huh oh ya it only happened this year right!’ and yet at the same time i feel like ‘omg time passes so fast!’ yes.

i’m thankful for my cg. how i’ve grown closer to the girls, and guys (though i’ve kind of drifted from alot of them now). i liked talking to each and everyone of them. i still remember how we used to go out everyday in dec07/jan08. i remember the 13 days straight of meeting each other, going houses, playing board games, stayovers, watching crappy movies, crashing rjc and getting caught :) that’s one experience i’ll never forget and i still thank God for it. i mean it’s kind of cool and all. and there was M1. loved the long quiet train rides to jurong. i could always think and reflect. that was an experience. making calls everyday, dealing with people over the phone, meeting sales targets. even the friends i made there. they were different. not the usual people i’d hang out with. nice and all. but yeah it was like a nice learning experience, improved my chinese, God’s blessing by putting these people in my life, even i it was only for a season. there was also this period of like everyday smsing with some of the cg guys. and even if it was just for a season, i still remember. like the little convos we all had and stuff. and all the going outs before everyone went into army. then there was the day we sent alot of them into tekong. i practically was there the whole day. then came shanghai with my deeeee :D that’s something that i’ll never forget. and the whole trip was just very memorable. see there were :) and ): times but overall i thank God for it. then alevels results. God is damn good! i still remember all those prayers. and uni applications and discussions, confusions. to cut the long story short, that period was somehow very complicating but we ending up with smu :) and don’t really regret it. yet. and then there was great eastern. i love great eastern and everybody there. seriously thinking about it brings back many :) and ): memories as well. it like all comes flooding back? haha. like i really thank God for putting all those people there. even the underwriters. work was fun, everyday, doing the same old things, talking, just having lots of fun. it was sad when we all had to go. i still miss great eastern sometimes. and the friends we made, special as well. yes and im meaning the two daniels. i mean yah we all had our ): moment just not long ago but i really think that makes everything more interesting and i really hope the friendship stays strong. and we’d go back to doing the same stuff together again. then was the one month break. JULY :D i think i went out alot. and went to jb with ttffs. and malacca with my family too. that was nice. spamming the dramas with dee. taiwan, korean, what have you. haha. and all the pre smu talks, orientations and camps. and i realise how antisocial i really am. but its ok :) i kind of like being like that. haha. then the start of school in august. bidding. and oh joining indancity too :) school was another whole new thing. quite fun. new friends, projects, stuff. oh and exams too. i’m so thankful that i didn’t do very badly. it’s a miracle lah. haha. oh and desaru with yinxi. that was another very very fun experience. and end of the year was :) too. think God heard my prayer and made it quite exciting for me. korea trip. hk trip with the girls <3 that was fun and well. i love all the times spent with friends. all of them. and i grew much closer to meanie again. i mean we were always close and all but this time it’s much much closer :) and i’m so glad i can tell you anything and everything. and i really have to thank God this time because meanie became a christian and i’m just so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :) i dont know how to say it. and for many other things as well. like the people who just popped up in my life. and for parties. and my clique. we had a mini heart to heart last night on msn. it was quite funny actually and i love the way we work/function/go about with our lives. HAHA. and i so thank God that we’re just as close as ever, as honest with each other still, and have the best times together. and over the year God has taught me alot. about faith & surrender & trust. & love. and so so so much more. and i see how much He loves me every single year :) it’s so amazing.


MY PITTIT! :) odt, tb, bk, hb, t~ YES thats all. muacks. (odt i lb to find a nicer pic :P)


clique, you girls are the best ever :) i love all our perfect colour combi shirts that make all our photos look nice. i love all the silly stuff we do all the time. the way we can talk even if we havent met for ages. the way we never seem to drift apart. the way we connect, it’s special. and so much more.


meanie :D :D :D all we ever say is ‘I HATE YOU’ haha. but thats how it is. communication breakdown eh. you’re one of those that understands me the most. phonecalls, smses, talks, photos, quiet outings with comfortable silences throughout the whole year has been :D :D :D absolutely a blessing. i kind of think we grow closer every year. and i RUV YOU MANY, but here i am not expressing it properly at all. HAHA. you know what i mean la huh. HATE YOU. 6288289729mrkandmore. ‘cheryl tan you have no idea how much i wanna thank you.’ you have no idea how much i wanna thank God too.


pacey, bobo & glory (: you girls have grown to become special to meee :D all those times we spent together, cycling, sandcastle building, chilling, holidaying, doing nothing. they were so much fun. getting to know each other more & more everyday, discovering weird stuff etc, it was a :D thing. and the only thing i know now is that when you all go, i’d cry and i’d totally die without you all around. i miss you all ): i will i definitely will.


oh and ok and i really want 09 to be exciting too. really, really.

and i know this is kind of random. but i have a list. it goes like this. black slippers and wallet.



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2 Responses to 0809

  1. chassie says:

    200809 equals what to do we have here haha i love you too meanie!

  2. cheryl says:

    whats 200809? ahhaha

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