you’re impossible to find.

life’s crazy now. i can’t believe i have 8 hours of dance tmr. i’m burning out, totally. and school’s starting on monday. haha. but i kind of enjoy my life now, still, even in this busy mess :)

soo, yesterday was henderson waves and mountfaber. i think i blogged it already. yes i like mountfaber :) after that made my contacts and new specs (which i think i dont really like). then accompanied tx to repair his laptop. and then dempsey. dempsey in the day is weird. haha. and then met bobo & pacey for duck dinner. YES YES YES :) we finally ate our lovely duck. we had to reserve it ok because it ran out again by like 6 plus. then accompanied bobo to her dental, and to make her specs. then nice bus ride to airport :) i think i make good company when people need to do random stuff. like dee commented that i have accompanied three people to repair laptops already. so sad cheryl. haha. then went to airport to meet the cg guys. we bought glory hazeline face moisturiser haha. and we made the guys buy her the REAL handbag of glory. chilled for about 3 hours plus. we went to starbucks again :) and this time i’m getting it right, TOFFEE NUT LATTE. yay! :D i love it bobo. and i like the very very cute starbucks tumbler/bottle. gaah buy for me preaseeee! then dee landed :) and i was happy. and glory came. talked and said our goodbyes ): glory i’ll miss you. one year later! ):

you know nowadays i keep thinking and dreading the day when the girls all go. please dont let that day come. i always think, on the day chrystal finally leaves, i might just cry. and then on the very next saturday when i go to cg, if i even go, i really dont know. i dont know man. dont know. its just so strange and lonely. and they are all so faraway! definitely not an sms away ): meh.

anyway then I WAS HAPPY TO SEE MY PIT :) hahaha. but reached home super late like 2am. and slept only at 2.30. tired. zzzzz. woke up at 8.30 and went to dental. but somehow i ended up being 40 mins late for dental still. very bad. and then went to repair my sony cam :S and took a nice lonely walk from orchard to dhoby gaught. phone company’s good :) and then dance. dance was tralala and all. weird description i know. we’re not yet done with the choreo and its freaking scary la cos its already 3rd jan. my goodness KELLY haha. i feel abit scared now thinking about it. 13 more days only! what is this! and lifts today. i have nothing to say. violation man. hahaha. but not their fault.

oh and can strike off black slippers from my list :D hee. and i also bought a dressy dress. and developed photos for my wallet YAY. then came home after dance, bathed, dinner then cg. cg was really long today. all the thanksgiving and resolutions and goal setting. but it was nice again. i kind of love this quirky guy dominated cg :) lum showed me his condo rooftop and it is so nice. such a typical rooftop place that i’d imagine with the very cold nice breeze, quietness and SWINGS :D and yes no one around. i wanna go again! i can totally imagine myself spending a whole day there doing nothing but swinging around.

oh and the horror i know who my MA classmates are. i know alot of them. one isnt exactly very nice HEH :) trying to smile. pray not same group. OKAY rubbish, i should go sleep. i have a long day tmr. and oh i’m meeting buddy soon! happy.

and i dont blog lyrics that dont mean anything.


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