can’t think of one.

D A N C E.
the whole day. well, almost.

had church in the morning and then met tanhui and larissa for leotard shopping and lunch. sushi + honey glazed chicken + toffee nut latte (bobo save me!) at starbucks :) and nice silly talks.

met zhigang and desmond early. we were supposed to mark through the steps and timing.

but we totally bitched about your best friend :)

i swear dancers are born to be bitchy la. then 2oclock came. warmups kind of sucked (a little) because havent done such stuff for so long. across the floor was just as :S hahaha. then full run one. then dinner break. and full dress full run again. then we ended at 9.30. the whole day just flew by and wow i survived my 8 hour dance :) it wasn’t so bad actually. and lifts were :X as well.

then balestier prata YAY.
and please tell me that school’s not starting tmr.
and tell me that beyond is not 12 days away.

meanie, come back k (:


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to can’t think of one.

  1. meanie says:


  2. bobo says:

    hahah save you from what! you know the name alr (: can order safely. hahah

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