you can’t stop the beat.

‘my skin’ is seriously one of the saddest songs. but it’s damn nice! the tune and the words! gosh, it’s such a sad sad song to listen to when you’re feeling melancholic :) HAHA. i like!

maybe its true. because i dont say anything, or i dont know what to say, thats why people tell me. haha.

cheryl the number one listener YES COME TELL ME ALL YOUR PROBLEMS :D haha yea baby.

met buddy this morning for breakfast :) yakun toast. it was nice buddy. i havent seen you for so long and its so nice to talk to you again. i think we havent really drifted at all. thats the feeling i get, though we havent talked for AGES. and i mean AGES. yahoo. and then adjusted my specs. i feel funny in them. heh. and walked around shop shop. then i walked buddy to school. haha. (sounds like walking a dog right?) :D then walked back to cityhall to meet dee. then walked her to school. damn bored la. then walked around at raffles city. then chenhui came. walked, talked, ate lunch. listened to her tell me interesting stories :) heh. no girl you cannot fall sick nowwwww.

then to school. gym. lifts. crunches. warm ups. across the floor. self prac. skipping. talking. i’m very very sure i’ll ache like crazy tmr because of the insane stuff we did and thanks to chenhui’s crazy warm up routines :P my gosh i already feel the aches coming. then dance. everyone was tired. everyone’s stressed. some people are not serious. yeah. everyone’s getting more agitated as the days pass. everything’s messy and screwed. but dance is like that. gotta love it yea? :) i really do anyway. LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

so i am tired. and oh my i can’t believe seah said ok to church on sunday. i am utterly and completely amazed :D haha.

and meanie meanie meanie, smile :) READ THE CARD IN YOUR WALLET! the one i gave you last time. haha. eh and er is our bet still on? it is ok! you can tell me anything!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to you can’t stop the beat.

  1. meanie says:

    i only like the starting part: the wailing of the song! hi meanie yes #1 HURRY I WANNA KNOW WHAT IS IT. why so long, im also dying in suspense! haha oh you read before? YAY. i dont read per day by day leh. ok have fun at dance.

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