no man is an island,

the bell tolls for thee. :D
i killed a moth lookalike thing in my toilet just now ): hrmph. and i just finished eating.
i know i need to do bl readings but im totally not in the study mood.
DANCE DANCE DANCE. yes. i so love the bitchers :)
today was tiring.
i am going to blog like that. haha.
wore contacts today :D
because of a stupid anonymous person, i had to bring twc textbook all the way to school only to find out he wasnt going to buy it! argh.
lunch with tanhui and larissa at ps.
got interviewed by some channel 5 show, MOST EMBARASSING THING of the day.
we had lunch at toast box.
then we had the MOSTMOSTMOST exciting one hour in NUM shop ever.
i wanted to get white slippers.
we ransacked the shop and even got to befriend the people there. WOW.
we’re damn fickle and we found out we have very different tastes. hilarious.
in the end, yes i got white slippers :D and lari got gold. and hui got nothing :| hahaha.
no hot pink flipflops POOF.
then to school for a date with our best friend.
we were exhausted from the slipper shopping by then.
clean up was kind of. NYEH. yeah, that’s the word.
she is _. i am _. they were all _.
nothing to say about the bitchers & the bitch :P
then we had dance, proper dance.
we ARE improving! :D i like it.
then went with hui and lari to eat/make the shirts. kelly’s item shirts. and its getting complicated now. GAAAH.

i love huix, chun, lari and lianzy :D


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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