a dance addiction (:

i kind of feel very OVERWHELMED by my close to 9 hours of dance. there’s just so much about dance and the people there that i love. haha it feels kind of sick, but i know there will be people who understand cos like i just wanna declare my love for dance all the time :D and i can totally forsee how sad i’ll be when it all ends. i think we all feel the same way. there’ll be no more motivation in school and there’ll be this like big empty void (definitely) on the 18th jan ): it’s amazing how dance can get one to be so very emotional and addicted to it. it’s like when i hear the dance songs or watch them dance, i get so emotionally overwhelmed inside? HAHA. like really some dances/songs can make you want to cry, and some can just make you feel so WOW :) i dont know how to explain it. with every dance prac, i kind of love every minute of it more and more :) awww. ok whatever.

i guess that’s what so many consecutive days of dance has done to me :D but apart from realising how much i really love dance/dancing/watching dances, the people are also awesome. i love contractor clique so much. dance pracs without them would be a total nothing. i think we’re like each other in quite a number of ways. all kind of siao, in our own world and can be very bitchy too. it feels like we’ve known each other really long though it’s only been a few months. haha.

so, dance today was damn




:D im listening to dan’s small item second song now. OOH it’s my favourite song out of everything i think. for now la. yes, i dont know why we were all so HIGH today. anyway met zhigang and chun earlier to clean up abit. initially i was kind of pissed with – for complaining but after today i realised -‘s not so bad after all. haha.

you know i feel really proud of kelly’s item and everyone in it. YES I LOVE KELLY. she’s like our big mummy :D and she’s damn nice to us all the time. haha. respect. and we really started off as a noob team, with all the junior dancers and having such low confidence. on our very first full run, i really thought our item was the lousiest of all. but i’m like damn happy to see where we are today. REALLY, sincerely, i think we have improved alot. come on, we made bliss cry man! its like she cried after watching our piece. she said we were so ‘clean’ and that she cries when she sees a nice dance <3. that was damn touching and encouraging. and watching all the other items were different today. its like the more i watch, the more i love. i even enjoyed every minute of steph’s item :P haha. there was just so much laughing and everyone was kind of in the right mood today.

camwhoring was fun too :D ahtan and larry. goodness.

oh and during dinner, kelly almost lost her whole cast haha. cos we ran across the road together when the light was green (for cars) and the cars were all honking. it was hilarious.

full run with costumes was good too. and de-brief by dan was like the FUNNIEST thing today. couldnt stop laughing.

now i feel so :D and OH I’M DAMN SCREWED FOR SCHOOL cos i havent done any readings.



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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to a dance addiction (:

  1. hui says:

    i’m dreading my tiko-face photo on facebook. sigh.

    and, i’m still in aftershock after the dashing-across-the-traffic-light-that-doesnt-turn-green-from-5pm-to-9pm-and-almost-cost-kelly-her-entire-cast event. haha!

  2. meanie says:

    meanie mean! hi i didnt go to sleep haha. anw, yes so so so i dont know im very hurt lor! im very sure you will dance well for me if not NO BALLOON STICKERS AND CHOCLATES. yeah i felt that way after vj concert too like, oh no more dance anymore. life felt empty kay why so long i have to sleep now!

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