I IS HAPPY :D haha.

today was such a random day. actually it was supposed to be bad, cos i declared wednesdays as officially the worst days. but hmm :) oh well, for some strange reason, not today. went to dee’s house in the morning. we were supposed to read MA and do our hw. but being US, we decided to heck it. until like 10.30, we decided we should put in some effort and so we chionged 20 mins of 2 questions of MA with our very limited knowledge and understanding.

then oh we met fatima at bishan mrt and we sort of had a little catch up :) haha. then MA. it didnt seem so bad today. maybe because i set my expectation at like negative hundred or smth ya. hahaha. anw he seems like a ‘daryl lim’ type, as dee pointed out. SO YES, i shall see the good in him :) daryl lim type LOL.

MA ended late. then stats :S GRARRH i am back to the ‘i hate math i totally cannot do math’ state of mind. i didnt pay attention, which was a big problem because there was an assignment and quiz at the end. and that had to be done on the spot. and because MA released us late, i couldnt sit with dee. and i was majorly chatting with her on skype HAHA. nonsense. and my lappie cant read the stats program cd :S so yes, i am screwed, for now.

then that was the end of my 6 hr 45 min day. larry and ahtan went to collect the shirts and they said it was not bad haha. can’t wait to see it tmr! :D then oh adventure with dee. i think that’s what kind of made me happy. HAHA.

we took a bus. it almost exploded WOW :) then we took another bus. got lost. walked to wisma. got my cam back. and then bus home. lots of yelling and being unglam on the way. and singing and phototaking. YAHOO :)

and im having funny/weird convos with lum now. im actually quite happy that you know, maybe when the girls go, i’ll still be able to have a friend in cg to talk to :) yay. i like these kind of talks haha.

beyond: just about one more day away.
i am so excited. i want it to come. but i dont ever want saturday to end. ever. i want to dance everyday. see the contractors everyday. find the same motivations in the same things everyday. i love dance. and i want many nice presents :D yayyay.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to notes.

  1. meanie says:

    ALL THE BEST AND HAVE FUN MEANIE :D give me good show! and yes, balloon i never forget!

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