it’s not over.

my heart is full of endless gratitude,
you were the one, the one to guide me (us) through.
now i can see, and i believe,
it’s only just the beginning.
this is what we dream about,
but the only question with me now,
is, do i make you proud?

do i make you proud, taylor hicks.

did we? dan? kelly? :)

the one and only reason why i’m holding back and taking so long to blog about BEYOND is because i have too much to say. i don’t know where to start, how to say it and how to express all the emotions properly. haha. but yet if i don’t blog about it i’ll forget all the things that i had in mind and wanted to say (which is just too many). i don’t ever ever want this feeling to fade away.

i’m so sad that it has ended but i didn’t cry at all. yet i’m so happy that we did well and pulled off a great show on saturday. i’m so proud of us all, esp my item people :D i’m so in love with all the dancers and dances. i’m so thankful for my friends that came and gave me all the many cute things.
and it was all so memorable :D

i’m thankful for the friends i’ve made through dance. all the :) :D :( :'( :’) we’ve been through in this short 1-2 months. the intense daily practices. the stress of letting everyone down because we were so afraid of not performing up to standard. the bitching sessions, chill outs, lunches, dinners. the clean ups. the good laughs we had. the times we snapped. the 3 days at vt. the frustrations we faced because we could never perfect the dance (and actually i think we still cant hahaha). those muscle aches and bruises. and more, and more and much much more :D

everything about it makes me smile haha, i feel kind of sick. even the very zzz msg from him makes me laugh. i’m glad zhigang and desmond didnt throw the note away like i told them to. even my best friend is very much erm, cherished. HAHA, without her, we wouldn’t be where we are today. and kelly, i love you man :) you’re best choreographer we could get.

and thank you everyone who came and gave me stuff :) i feel loved.


well the bottomline is:


beyond gave me the best experience i could ask for.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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