pretty distractions.

thy cherry is bored in stats class. though she should really be paying attention because there’s gonna be a quizz later, she’s not. and yea! she can blog because she’s sitting at the back row :)

ok ltb meeting yesterday was chopchop. did letter of intent. after that met eugene, lum and some others to buy bday gifts for derric & chia. it was some last minute thing and i ended up reaching home only at 10 ):

MA class is slightly amusing but i NEVER pay attention. am looking at photos of pretty flowers now :D oh after production, i decided on a new favourite flower, on par with gerberas of course. lilies :D heeee. especially orangey looking ones. love it alot!


very very very pretty hor :)


heart meltssss <3 i swear these are the prettiest flowers on earth :) :) :)


CNY’S COMING :D very happy. bahkua, pineapple tarts and angbaos whoo. and shopping! :) and no school. and visitations. i wanna have cg, dance, clique visitations :D and many many more.

oh and lianzy, even though you never ever read this, soyabean milk without sugar is NOT NICE. haha.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to pretty distractions.

  1. meanie says:

    your sms was shocking haha! (:

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