built to last.

cny passed so fast. but it was :D :D


day one cny.

probably for the first time in history, first day’s dinner wasnt at ahma’s house. went to uncle bt and aunty diana’s house instead. it kind of brought back queer & fond memories. of good old times, and of cos the terrible sessions of physics & chem tuition. & of sherilyn. :)


purple princess & i :)

she’s really special to me, somehow. can’t believe i knew her from the day she was born. i still rmb aunty diana being pregnant and asking me to help choose her name. ‘matilda or sherilyn.’ :) i watched her grow up. it’s funny how i used to be so so so close to her. she was kind of like my own daughter. probably the one and only time i would ever be so close to someone 10 years younger than me. i’d pamper her like crazy. we even went to malaysia together. she used to want to only sit, eat, walk, talk with me. we’d meet everyweek, and i’d look forward to it so much. she’d call me her best friend and invite me over for her birthdays every year. and i’d call her purple princess. it was special. but that was when she was 3, 4, 5, 6, 7? now she’s 10 and quite grown up. how time flies. i can talk to her like i’m talking to a friend. no more baby talk or carrying her around. but i still remember everything, up till today. & it’s funny cos i dont think i’m even as close to megan as i was with her. well well. :D

second day was wake up early, watched red cliff halfway, felt guilty so went to study :S hahaha. then lunch at thai express with family! and then a couple of us went to lum’s house for fun. it wasn’t considered visiting cos we never went up, never gave oranges or got any angbaos. but it was exciting i tell you, HAHA. cos we rotted in the function room with lots of food (yes i bet they all think im a pig now cos i ate so much) and played poker with different types of nuts :D peanuts were 5 dollars and guazi was 1 dollar and pistachios were 10 dollars. we all started with 55 dollars and chia & tuan together are damn lousy lol. they never won once, not at all. and they had to keep drawing from the reserves until it ran completely dry -.- hahaha. tsura was owning everyone all the way (dont know why he so lucky) until towards the end i started catching up alot (from almost going bankrupt). then tsura said: i feel threatened. so we decided to count our wealth and i had 232 peanuts’ worth of dollars hahaha. BUT tsura had 233, dang! :P ok so it was quite fun and all. then we went up to lum’s rooftop where the nice swing was, but it seemed to be nicer the last time i went at night.

i love my cg.


of peanuts and playful people :D

went to da gugu’s house after that and slept -___- haha. anticlimax but very tired and didnt wanna study (though i brought my book) and ate and cos she lives at potong pasir so i took a nice visit back to sa. i realised how much i like the school, building and all. i concluded that sa days were most fun haha. even though cedar was fun, it was too secondary school and all and there were restrictions and all. and cedar’s kind of fun was probably the kind of fun you get from being in a very fun school environment where everyone feels kind of together and happy and enthusiastic. but sa’s fun was more than that. sa days were the days :) of making the best friends & doing the craziest things. i was standing outside the general office and everything i could see reminded me of something. everyone and everything. it even made me miss hearing cs call me foxy. HAHA. let’s just say that stepping back into school grounds brought back all these detailed memories that are still very vivid, like as if it all happened yesterday. i could tell you exactly what happened. and i bet if i were to write a book on it i could never end :)

gosh i suddenly miss everything about jc. that’s partly because i’m so bored now and i cant keep thinking about random jc moments. and also because of the song that’s playing.

do you remember the time 10 of us cedarians got caught by ms k and had to line ourselves outside the staffroom and endure 1 hour of scolding? and the time ms faizah walked out of lecture? or the time 06A2 walked on out daryl lim? or the time mr peh made us tiramisu? and the time when only 2 people in class turned up for school? and the time we went to complain about ms k? and the time we sat by our venturi effect place to sing? or the carom and taboo sessions? and the time ms k caught cs and andi changing in the lt? how about the time we planned a surprise party under the tunnel for aisha? or the time mr yoong yelled at house comm because of cny? do you remember the 2 earthquakes, 1 on our geog exam day? the times we climbed over the gate? tried to get green slips? sneaked out in puss’ mum’s car? how about trashing every class in captains ball? ;D playing with the rubics cube at the last row during maths lecture & our whole row had no notes on our desks at all? oh how about chinese lessons and throwing paper planes around? and do you remember getting caught for short skirts and being forced to borrow long ones? and orientation? life parade pracs? how about the touch rugby field? i remember hating that & always coming up with ways to pon trngs ;D and do you all remember our 06A1 classroom with the notice board that made casey leong say smth? i remember morning worships. do you remember singing sessions in the lt? and those lit classes that made us sleep. can you remember serving detention for going back to cedar on a wednesday and getting caught by a car full of PE teachers? how about ndp singing? and clique times? everyday was clique time. do you remember our teachers? casey leong, ms faizah, mr chay, lee suilian, daryl lim, basket leong, ms k, mr peh, mr yoong and mrs wee. each of them had something very special about themselves. and our classmates? andi, chiaw sang and shaun and how they used to bully chum. the hilarious people like olivia, tiffany, jiexin, eliza, terri-ann. then there was fellow bimbo char & celine kimmmmm. do you remember our gang leader? the one with the coloured contacts :P HAHAHA. how much do you remember of life in sajc? :)

my lovely school.

so after that was aunty patsy’s house. wii :D and megan. and did abit of studying. really minimal studying though. ma spoiler.

starbucks at night for just one hour but it was nice too :)

ma lesson today was fun :D apart from the silly test. there was the game. game was very exciting! haha.

PS: im such a noob i only JUST found out that i can blog in colours ;D


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2 Responses to built to last.

  1. meanie says:

    hi meanie (: too bad we couldnt take photos tgt during cny! okay now im going to read, IT. bye ponyo ponyo(:

  2. lame says:

    cherry i read yr blog okay!! hahah. wow the stuff u wrote make me miss sa alotalot )): and wad did casey say that’s e only thing i cant rmb haa

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