you say it best,

wednesdays are crazy. ma & stats from 12 to 645 was -____- enough and then there was dance 730 to 1030. stretchy, and tiring. haha. but no choreo YES :)

was late for ltb lesson in the morning! veryvery late, very bad. haha. ltb was fun as usual. nothing proper, just activities & games. i am really not type A. neither am i going to die of heart attack. the tests are so inaccurate. i love to sit still and do nothing, and i enjoy every minute of my life :D yes.

met meanie during her lunch hour. i love it that i can call her out anytime i’m in school & she’s at work and we can always meet for lunch. because we’re SO SILLY & our mode of communication is often in codes. & i wasted $16.50 though she got the big (but ugly) one. and refused to give me 50 cents :'( but i need my compensation in kind. how about a funshine hp holder meanie? :D heehee.

and then it was lunch with ahtan. soup spoon :) & nice catching up. i liked it. & i do miss dance during pre-production days. alot. i hate big groups & how i always look at the clock. plus i really hate change and what it brings. i think i’m always happy to be wherever i am in life, especially since i’m happy with my life 90% of the time. yes i’m terrible.

then it was


sitting & talking. i feel so :)

when you say nothing at all.

About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to you say it best,

  1. meanie says:

    very good that you understand! thats why you are meanie(: and whooo is that justeaformisso?! haha what a mouthful. i wanna be charmateeteehoo.

  2. thycherry says:

    haha you spelt it wrongly BUT ANYWAY that’s justin woo -.- haha.

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