visited aunty jeanie sat morning :DD oh how she loves us. there will always be those wonderful memories of our very special tuition days :) no one knew what we did. heh. then to ps to meet meanie to walk around and we were both slightly gloomy (again!), why ah? haha. thai express, spotlight, daiso, made with love. cracked my brains and finally decided with spotlight. haha. then had follow up with yarrie & meanie. and there was this crazy old lady who ran and jumped in front of me and went PUI :/ gaaaah. scary people. felt like i was gonna die of a sorethroat at follow up. so dry and too much talking. haha. then symphonia concert (: vt/vch, wheee. such a nice place and i miss production days. and walking and walking down the river was nice! i love doing aimless stuff. and liquid kitchen too, hope it wasnt too strange.


jaslyn came to church today! and we three had lunch tgt. was so irritated with the photo machine at j8. and that woman! >:( 82 photos, 35 mins all for nothing! grrr. then dance. dance was fun, fun but tiring as usual (: i think standing nearer the front makes catching choreo better. then dinner with family.

wii, lion king & incredible tales :D windy windy, love the wind! and times like these. yay happy.

i think i’m so fated with your cousin. three days in a row you know.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to lovefool.

  1. meanie says:

    hi meanie (: oh but now we’re not gloomy now and i know its you calling cause i have caller id! :D RMB MY FRUITS.

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