my lovely wednesdays.


lesson learnt: do not be shy, because valentines day is coming. please do not be shy!



my fear of maths is hereby justified.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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6 Responses to my lovely wednesdays.

  1. christiana says:

    stats, lesson learnt: too much maths cause u to hallucinate, i.e. think that the person next to you jump and kick the table.

  2. christiana says:

    stats, lesson learnt 2: too much stats cause u to think that ur GC is ur phone.

  3. justeafortissimo says:

    hahaha i did that in IB under Statistics. LOVED IT!

  4. justeafortissimo says:

    eh apparently from what i recall the binomial distribution is the easiest of all is it? or did i remember wrongly?

  5. thycherry says:

    RUBBISH haha. i hate maths. but binomial IS the easiest la i just picked a random slide. the rest are worse!

  6. glory says:

    HAHAHAA. i’m so happy that is no longer part of my life. i got credit from A levels maths so i dun have to take maths! HO HO HO

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