break it.

TGIF :) but its friday the 13th. haha.

i realised i havent been blogging about anything (proper) since monday. haha.

jaslyn’s birthday on tuesday.

happy 19th birthday dearest :)


3 years ago.


& now. from those days in cedar dance and how i used to treat you two like my daughters, always giving you all stuff, writing letters and calling, till today. look how time flies :) we have all matured HAHA. but im sure we three will last all the way & we’ll always be the same! somehow, we always spend actual birthdays together right? :)

meanie came over at 12.30 to help me CUT PAPER for her card. haha. we bought her the starbucks tumbler, very pretty! & i bought flower shoesy. love it. ate at waraku at central and the bowls were SO BIG :D haha. i love matcha matcha anything, haha :) was super full after lunch and we walked from clarke quay to cityhall to get clips for jaslyn. & took many many silly photos on the way. I KNOW I HAVE 31 IN MEANIE’S CAMERA heehee. not my fault your cam loves me! :D

ps: meanie i want my bag it’s my birthday! & my swatch watch tooo. but if all fails, how about a funshine hp holder? :D:D

dance on wed was :D im glad i went. lifts are fun because we dont have to do much work except jump jump jump YEA. haha. choreo was tiring, i’d rather do across the floor! :/ oh i wrote my learning journal & i realised that it was so personal. it seems like learning journal makes you emo about your sad life. hahaha.

ltb yesterday was so slack :) we had half an hour break and ended class half an hour early. all we did was talk in our groups about ourselves. & play a story telling game. haha. actually i realise i like ltb lessons alot. even the proper teaching parts. haha its not boring like ma or stats or bizlaw. i remember one lesson we learnt about habits and perceptions. and i like analysing personalities and stuff. andddd yesterday it was about active listening and listening with the heart (and looking into the eyes!). HAHAHA. maybe i secretly want to be a counsellor or psychologist & maybe i’m in the wrong course now.

went home after class and kind of wasted my time (though i tried to read MA but only succeeded with a few pages). met bobo & pacey at duck place at 4.30. bobo felt carnivorous so we ordered for 4 people ;D hahaha. we ate dinner at 5 but who cares! then to buy foooood & to my house. bobo played with patpat & chabori and patpat’s so violent she bit bobo until she bled. like twice. hurhur EVIL HAMSTER. patpat kept wanting to fight with chabori as well. goodness. and then we played wii for an hour! very silly love it.

then to dee’s house to stay! (: and watch dramas. but we only managed to watch one episode. lizchay called at 9.50 and we talked until 11! so long la. but it was nice. i’ve never talked to her on the phone before. & considering how we’re not exactly very warm and friendly people, we actually had stuff to talk :D actually this reminded me of last time when we wrote lots of letters to each other but could never say anything to each other in person. we were so dao. wow, & so i think i’ve matured (hahah) glory if you’re reading this, do you remember piglet pillow and postcard full of colour pen ink?! i think back then, we were just SILLY. haha.

i ♥ unbeautiful even though the words are wrong wrong. haha.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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5 Responses to break it.

  1. glory says:

    hahaha. u know. 3 yrs ago and the now you LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE. i was like. why is cheryl celebrating birthdays with super young friends that look sec 1-ish??? ahaha ur face is constant mannnn…

  2. glory says:

    i think about what i was back then and i feel like an idiot. i want to burn the past. what the hell..mami poko craze?! i must have been an air head back then.

  3. jaslyn! says:

    hello you! THANKYOU for everything! :D yay. (: and happy early valentine’s day! hope you spend it with you know who! and be happy!

  4. meanie says:

    :D ME ME ME ME ME. im super young :D haha. hi meanie(: (and gloria! haha!) FUNSHINE MEANIE. funshine.

    little miss sunshine?


  5. thycherry says:

    yay funshine little miss sunshine LOVE IT. blue radio shirt?

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