not plain teeshirts but,

waited for monster to finish his test yesterday & talked to s online for awhile. he’s still like -____- i dont really know what to say to him anymore. he said he wants to die. hurr. i mean i can empathise with him but yes, dont take to long to pick yourself up ok dear friend. (i think the song ‘i still miss you’ seems to best describe the situation you’re in HAHA)

& and then dinner with monster monster :D

called meanie last night & meanie you’re so silly. no knights for you. learn to care & share (that’s what sharebear is for). oh be careful what you type & comment ok because. twing twing! :D i dont know HAHA.

went to meet beneficiary this morning. i went alone :( haha. that place is scary & sleazy looking. and a little smelly. but still, nothing beats hongkong hotel huh ;D

my elle watch from taiwan dieded! :( heh, excuse to buy swatch? noo. haha.

alright i need to do something that starts with s (and i hate it alot).

give me more loving than i’ve ever had
make me feel better when i’m feeling sad
tell me i’m special even though i know i’m not
make me feel good when i hurt so bad
barely getting mad
i’m so glad i found you
i love being around you
you make it easy
it’s as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4

About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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6 Responses to not plain teeshirts but,

  1. meanie says:

    HAHAHA WHAT ARE YOU BLOGGING ABOUT. see, now i’ve to be careful )’:


  2. meanie says:

    AND! i cared and shared but to no avail. HRMPH.

  3. thycherry says:

    what dont you understand about what i blog?

  4. glory says:

    hmm…something that starts with s……sex?


    EH EH. my school is setting up a campus in hong kong. THEN WE CAN GO HONG KONG AND HOLIDAY AGAIN. lol.

  5. cheryl says:

    whaaaatt. firstly NO to the s word & secondly lets go aussie and holiday this time HAHA.

  6. glory says:

    hahha can. the hong kong campus doesn’t open till 2010 anyway. HAHAHA.

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