i hate intuition.

oh my goooooshhh.


never fails to make me :(

this is so dejavu. i remember feeling the same way in secondary school about maths. amaths. and jc. maths. i never seem to be able to escape this torture huh.

this sucks.

HECK i am going to :D and whatever.

i want to watch the reader. & the curious case of benjamin button. & slumdog millionaire. haha. yes. i want to get my samsung diamond. & my watch. & swim. & eat prata. & go shopping.

& study? ): yeah maybe.

soooo, im sure you all could have guessed. ma test was not very good. it makes me angry with myself for being so DUMB. hahaha. oh forget it, why get so hung up over a stupid test that’s only 10% of ONE STUPID MODULE (that i only aim to pass so that i can throw away forever and ever amen), and PLEASE, i’m never ever ever ever going to do anything math related again after this (nope, never not finance, NEVERRRRR). heeeeehee.

bobo’s going today and it feels kind of strange. maybe the impact of you being gone still hasnt sunk in yet. sad. BUT i’ll always link starbucks to you wherever i go, hahaha. hope you have a safe flight & i know you’ll enjoy your new life in aussie. i’ll miss you aroundddd

one more friend gone. a few more to go ): NYEH.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to i hate intuition.

  1. meanie says:

    but im still hereee (: and so is nainai. and momo restnom HAHA :D

  2. meanie says:

    WRONG. retsnom (:

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