upon further (and deeper) reflection, i realise that this might actually be the reason why i’m doing so badly for MA (but not fair cos that idiot like that still get A)

[2:25:42 PM] jaya says: going to be historical figure soon

[2:25:45 PM] cheryl (: says: me?

[2:25:49 PM] jaya says: u suck

[2:25:54 PM] jaya says: http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/asiapcf/02/17/pakistan.girl.poet/index.html

[2:25:57 PM] cheryl (: says: HAHA TANG BANG

[2:26:02 PM] jaya says: she damn cool

[2:26:20 PM] jaya says: she’s like sophee in WW2 that russian girl

[2:28:00 PM] jaya says: not wrong, but just not very accurate if u apply to real working world

[2:28:07 PM] jaya says: but still its correct for exam

[2:28:41 PM] jaya says: she 11 yrs old, england like bater then me

[2:28:51 PM] cheryl (: says: BATER of cos la

[2:29:02 PM] cheryl (: says: i wus den hur

[2:29:16 PM] jaya says: u wes den mi

[2:29:49 PM] jaya says: wah jack-ke-lin dress damn sot

[2:29:50 PM] cheryl (: says: sawlee

[2:29:55 PM] cheryl (: says: sot ah

[2:30:06 PM] cheryl (: says: aiya see lidat wan larhx

[2:30:15 PM] jaya says: CHEEZZZSEEEE

[2:30:22 PM] jaya says: tek poto tek poto

[2:30:40 PM] cheryl (: says: is tweeeeeseeee

[2:30:44 PM] jaya says: i bot niu klip, siny siny one

[2:31:29 PM] cheryl (: says: sow mi nau

[2:31:44 PM] jaya says: bwup eu larzx

[2:31:47 PM] cheryl (: says: wai neh bye fo mi

[2:32:05 PM] jaya says: sawlee

[2:32:14 PM] jaya says: no mahnee

[2:32:40 PM] cheryl (: says: huh wai so suay wan no money go bolow ah long wan lar

[2:33:31 PM] jaya says: dowan larxz, i ahmina, layter hang pig-ed veli bad sia

[2:33:38 PM] jaya says: sia-la

[2:34:21 PM] jaya says: leminising about e pas conbezationxz?

[2:34:31 PM] jaya says: pig-head u sucker

[2:34:48 PM] cheryl (: says: not leminising la is cor leeding

[2:35:02 PM] cheryl (: says: i nid to leed it konsida posting it on mai blog la

[2:35:09 PM] jaya says: wah sawlee my england not vehgud

[2:35:30 PM] cheryl (: says: mai wan not march bater la huh

[2:35:59 PM] cheryl (: says: wai lesson hen end yat

[2:36:45 PM] jaya says: eh wad he toking huh

[2:36:50 PM] cheryl (: says: i dont know leh

[2:37:31 PM] jaya says: eh my ppt slide still on slide 10

[2:37:52 PM] cheryl (: says: haha VEH GOOD. this is going onto my blog :D


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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