of the cars that pass us by.


happy birthday chew yinxi! :D


you are so not 20! haha. but i love you so.

spent some birthday time with yinxi. starbucks + cheesecake + esplanade rooftop :) sorry i made you jay-run so many times when you can’t even run! :) but it was fun.

had 2 dinner dates but no dinner at all ): haha. met sarah up for short dinner. i ate one cup of yoghurt and she ate sushi! and we sat by the bridge near ttsh & talked :) then met monster and he ate and i didnt. haha. seee, this is why i said i had 2 dinner dates but no dinner. and then to the airport to send ziyan off.



was looking through my HUGE box of old old letters :D :D it was a mountain full of letters. literally. was left kind of speechless.

he’s just not that into you :D i like alot! i think it’s all so truuuueee. waiting for phonecalls? & smses? reading the signs? thinking too much? HAHAHA. funny how girls are so insecure. meanie beeeeeean!

and then to the park with the veryvery nice bouncy seesaw & the spiderweb. i loved to climb such stuff when i was young. still love it.


church. & talking to liz. & then breakthrough weekend briefing.

i had so much to say but i’m no longer angry. you’re disappointing.

after that met up to talk and have lunch with jerick & joel. actually i wonder why i even talked so much. haha. and then cabbed home (THEY BULLY ME MAKE ME PAY $7 TAXI FARE :D, YES WHATEVER). dee’s house :D its always fun to look through old stuff. jianyi my beloved?! hahaha.

then to the airport to send foldy off. even though it was drama & all, it ended off rather comically. she’s such a flittery social butterfly. like chrystal says, you can’t catch her, you just got to wait for her to land. (sadly she didn’t, but it’s ok, she has like a million friends) maybe it’s good we’re not as close as before because if this had happened like 5 years ago, i’d have died crying. haha.

sorry meanie :D i love you, love pucca, love pocky, love care bears, LOVE YOU.

dinner at tampines mall. very weird right. it’s like i never even go there at all. dvd shopping :D bought music&lyrics. but i really should have bought more more more. cos it was so cheap & now i really feel like buying alooooot.

i want 50 first dates. 27 dresses. sex & the city. mean girls. ps i love you. alot like love. fool’s gold. because i said so. love actully. big fish. breaking the rules. just like heaven. help me think of more more more chic flicks!

haha. actually there’re too many movies.

grr, i took train twice yesterday.

i wanna rot.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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3 Responses to of the cars that pass us by.

  1. glory says:

    gosh. look at the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF GUYS in our cg now :S it just looks more now that most of us XX chromosomes are gone :S

  2. thycherry says:


  3. meanie says:


    you so bad know i was so sad ytd night haha
    but i still love you HRMPH. dont go breakthrough weekend )’:

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