grumpy bear.

it’s ironic.

the contact person.
the relay person.
the girl who’s always contactable.
always picks up her phone.
and always replies smses instantly.
come on, i’m famous for that.

everybody thinks i’ll die without my phone.
because i’m always smsing & smsing & smsing.
and i always pick up.
so reliable right.

wow, but what do i say now.
i don’t even feel anything.
not even angry.
not even sad.

just stone.


after awhile of stoning,

strangely i don’t care about not being able to call or receive calls.
it doesn’t bother me that i can’t sms or receive smses either.
the only thing that bothers me
is what’s in the phone that i’ve lost.

those messages in my inbox, and drafts. i kind of want to pull my hair (or cry) thinking about it. i mean there’s a reason why i keep those messages in my inbox. and don’t delete them. then there’s my drafts which is so full of stuff. countless and countless messages that i type to myself. and all are private. believe me, i even type stuff like usernames, passwords and things that are really personal. and there’s calender. OMG. every damn thing is stored in my calender. like seriously. without my calender i can’t remember anything. ironic. funny. yes. i remind myself to do everything everything everything there. so now what. i feel so lost. in a way, my phone calender tells me what to do every day. i don’t even bother remembering cos i rely on my phone too much. and then songs? that one doesn’t matter to me. and how about the photos? anything personal? private?


i hate pickpockets. damn it.

i think it’s true. i can’t live without my phone. but not for the reasons you think.



About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to grumpy bear.

  1. christiana says:

    neh mind pit u still got me(:

  2. meanie says:

    and me :D

    and now you’ve got teeheehee’s phone to use!

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