the pessimist.

i love meaniebeans secret ranting place :D
YAYYYEEE. it’s so nice and pretty i can say ANYTHING.

so yesterday ltb meeting :) recce at fort canning was abit scary because it was like gonna rain and i hate that feeling when the sky’s so dark ): hahaha.

and then dance. this is gonna be very pessimistic and you might feel like slapping me after you read this but ok go on :) i’ll let you slap me. dance is like abcdefgh i dont know. im like stoning half the time. and my mind’s not theree! now i get what everyone means when they say they dont like mass trainings at all. like when you train alongside with pro people long enough, you start buying into the you’re-not-good-enough thing. but it’s trueee and at first i think i can improve. but after awhile, i find that i dont really have the motivation to improve also. sometimes, simply because there’s no point as well. it’s like we’re in one league and the rest (meaning the pro ones) are in another superior one. worst still, they’re exclusive. haha. AAAND like no matter how much we improve, the pro ones will always be pro-er. and it will always be that way. the thing is you cant say ‘oh maybe when i’m year 2 3 or 4 then i’ll have the chance when the pro ones graduate’. this is not secondary school. they’ll always be there forever and ever. because there’s such a thing as alumni and associate members -.- and dan’s just recruiting more and more of such people. see if it took those pro people 13 years to get where they are now, it will take me another 13 years to get where they are now. right? lianzy, we’d be only be able to do pirouttes when we’re mothers :P haha. and if dan ever needs a certain number of people, well, :) he cant possibly need everyone right?

haha yay to all the noobies :) i think it’s kind of bad but dont really care anymore. yea can you all see where i’m coming from?! hahaha.

after dance ate my very very late dinner at hongkong cafe :D so fulllll. and i love lovealot bear too :D whee. and your phone’s nice to use. haha.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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3 Responses to the pessimist.

  1. meanie says:

    i understand i get it! it was the exact same thing for vj dance zomg, shaney and spin and pirouettes like crazy ):

  2. christiana says:

    i understand i get it too pitit! it was the exact same thing for us zomg, you split like crazy and i can’t. HAHAHA tmiaoengxzx. and haha, char don’t kill me!

    i’m bored.

  3. meanie says:

    HAHAHA nainai!

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