can you understand?

why why why? why am i feeling this way? dread. and guilt, shame & sadness. alot of guilt. feeling very bad. go? ): don’t go? ): something’s changed. what did it mean when i said that it was my passion. i don’t want to lose the old feeling. i used to say it was my motivation, and the center of my life. now it’s nothing but a chore. but wait, in the first place, why do i even feel guilty? should i be? why should i be? i hate the feeling of debating with myself. go don’t go go don’t go and weighing out the pros and cons. and what the heck. there really are no pros at all. and no cons as well.

see the thing is, if i don’t go i’d be very guilty. but even if i went, there’s no more joy. so what’s the point.

i’m still confused. very confused. over such a small thing! go or don’t go? i can’t decide. don’t think i will be happy with my decision either way.

are we human or are we dancers? something seems to suggest that you can’t be both.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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7 Responses to can you understand?

  1. justeafortissimo says:

    i like your old theme better monday!

  2. justeafortissimo says:

    anyway, in whatever you do, in whatever situation you’re in, i think it’s important to make God the focus, and understand that everything happens in His will.

    you don’t struggle with dilemas without a reason. sometimes the Lord allows us to walk right into the fire, but we can be assured that He WILL lead us out tougher to face fresh waves of challenges in life.

    so find refuge in Him and pray that His grace will be more than sufficient for you, and that He’ll grant you comfort and peace no one else can. :)

  3. thycherry says:

    hello im not monday HAHA :) hahaha btw i dont hate mondays know. I HATE WEDNESDAYS. so thanks anyway wednesday! :)

  4. meanie says:

    your entry like mine on saturday (: but i know its a total diffferent thing. for once, justeafortissimo makes sense! haha.

  5. justeafortissimo says:

    i always do what’re you saying.

  6. thycherry says:

    and by that you’re referring to charmaine or me? haha.

  7. justeafortissimo says:

    i was referring to, ‘for once, justeafortissimo makes sense!’


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