so i went i lied i left early but who cares :D :D

i love donuts muffins stickers sweets rainbows buttons.

woke up at 615 this morning! :S haha. and for the first time in a long long time, took my dad’s car to send my brother to school first before my dad sent me to school. i miss the feeling of leaving house at 645 and going to school in the early morning in the carrrr :) my dad told me that one girl wrote in to newspaper to say that while she was sleeping on the bus all her important items got stolen from her bag. uhoh sounds like what happened to me? ): haha crime rate is going upppp. and he said got serial rapist who raped 6-7 girls in the past 2 months. and i everyday go home so late ): oh noo. haha.

ltb leaders presentation went quite well i suppose. che guevara very violent huh. not the typical ideal leader. haha. thursdays are always happy :D because weekend’s here! oh but there’s stats tmr too.

had lunch with my dad at shokudo just now :) very nice but oh very sad cos he’s leaving tmr. and he said ‘eh i go will you miss me or not? you everyday hardly see me one.’ hahahaha. oh no and i just ignored him :D im so horrible you know i always dont show my true feelings at all. and yes, always do opposite of what i really want to do. ): ): ): haha. and i just figured out how to minus 15 hours from singapore time so i’ll know what time it is in san fran.

just had a meanie date. and i gave her nice cheery (nomoremoneymeanie)’:) stuff :D


yupp :D all the best for your alevel results tmr! nvm i’ll wish you again tmr. haha.


very nice but i must study stats ): AND i have a deep cut on my little finger. haha.

i hope tomorrow never comes.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to beep.

  1. tx says:

    OH NO EMO again. AGAIN.

  2. meanie says:

    thank you meanie we are deepmeanielove <3 haha

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